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 Post subject: Keigo Masamune
PostPosted: Sun Nov 25, 2012 8:35 pm 
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GSID: Shadowdemon_86
Name of Main PC: Keigo Masamune
GSID: Shadowdemon_86
Character name: Keigo Masamune
Gender: Male
Race: Human (Kyonobian)
Class: Justicar
Alignment: Chaotic Good
Deity: Tyllar
Age: 28 years

Physical Description
Taller than most Kyonobians, yet shorter than an Etarian, Keigo Masamune stands just shy of six feet. He wears a military coat with the crest of the Masamune clan on his back, combined with an exotic style of armor. Keigo wears his dark hair at shoulder-length and his left eye is covered by an eyepatch, typically he wears his helmet with an iconic, crescent-moon symbol. His weapons and equipment all appears in pristine condition, being maintained and taken care of daily.

You say my actions are anathema to bushido, yet I say that you are incorrect. Every soldier under my command has entrusted to me by his parents, his wife or his children with the expectation that I will bring him back. To not do my utmost to achieve the maximum victory with the minimum amount of casualties would be to betray that trust. In that regard, I follow bushido more closely than anyone else in this room.
- Keigo Masamune, shortly before his banishment from Kendai

In the empire of Kyonobi, tradition and age-worn practices are the foundation of society. In that regard, the samurai Keigo Masamune was always a controversial figure. Keigo's father, Ushio Masamune, was a man who did all things "by the book", he did not compromise, refused to do things in different ways than tradition and custom dictated. Eventually, he and his forces found himself in the now infamous battle of Khelai fields, outmanned five to one due to his refusal to take a previous tactical advantage that he had deemed as incompatible with his views. It cost him dearly, both sides were horribly decimated, and Ushio lost his left arm in the battle. Though praised by his peers for holding on against a numerically superior force, Ushio always regarded Khelai fields as a mistake. On his deathbed, he asked Keigo not to be locked by tradition, but to do what was right, regardless of what others said.
That came to be the guiding principle of Keigo's life.

Keigo was educated as befitted a man of his station, proving to be a master swordsman, an excellent strategist and an inspiring leader. When he was given permission to lead men into battle, however, his unorthodox strategies caused many of the more traditional samurai to raise an eyebrow. While true to the code of bushido, Keigo never let his strategies be limited by tradition or custom, fully prepared to take any tactical advantage that was available. His strategies was more centered on deception of the enemy, as opposed to the more straight-forward combat that most samurai preferred. The reason for why this was tolerated was that Keigo got results. His strategies proved extremely successful and won Keigo several victories to his name. The older samurai disliked Keigo, but his men loved him. After all, he never callously threw away the lives of his men for personal glory-seeking and always strived to bring them all home safe.
The situation changed after the battle of Shamara, though. Keigo's unit had combined with the unit of one of his superiors, an older Samurai named Takeda Saborabu. On their way to the battlefield, Keigo's scouts discovered enemy artillery and spellcasters going throuhg a narrow pass, a perfect ambush site. Keigo wanted to ambush the enemy, but lord Takeda disagreed. It would make them arrive late to the battle, and a personal rival of lord Takeda would fight on the opposing side. The argument turned sour, and Keigo knocked lord Takeda unconscious and ambushed the enemy forces.
While Keigo's actions made the battle far easier for the men of Kendai, there was also other consequences.

After the battle, the daimyo of Kendai ordered Keigo to surrender his katana and wakizashi, proof of his stature of samurai and the honor of his clan. His actions, the daimyo claimed, were anathema to bushido. Keigo argued that he adhered to the spirit of bushido, while those that accused him merely read the words. He refused to hand over his swords, stating that the honor of his family was not the daimyo's to take or barter away. If Keigo was not wanted, he would find another place where his blade was needed.

After that, he left Kendai and took a ship west. He had heard stories of Etaria, and thought it a good place to start over, free of the prejudices of the past. Keigo's future beckoned...

Strategy without tactics is the slowest route to victory.
Tactics without strategy is the noise before defeat.
Keigo Masamune - Commander of the Midnight Company

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