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 Post subject: Shri'in Baenduis
PostPosted: Tue Jan 29, 2013 1:17 pm 
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Caenyr Newcomer
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Gamespy ID: SpiderLord
Character Name: Shri'in Baenduis
Gender: Male
Race: Ilythiiri
Age: 85
Class: Dothkarn d'lil Har'oloth
Domain: Master of Battle
Alignment: Neutral Evil
Deity: Valsharess

A tall, lean, sinewy Itheril male with eerie white eyes, Shri'in isn't much to look at. He holds himself with confidence, however, and in battle he often enters a sort of religious trance that is terrifying to behold.

My sister and I were inseparable when we were children. We were twins, born on the same day, and that created a bond that ran deeper than most shallow friendships that exist among our kin. We dared ourselves to study faster and more diligently than our peers, we trained together to excel at everything we did, and we were certain that one day, we would fight side by side to bring the Queen's realm to life on the Surface.

Naive as we were, we didn't think about the fact that she was female and I was not, and that we were high born in our House. That meant that when we were forty years old, my sister was taken up by the Yathrinen to become one of them, and I was given to the Weapon Master to learn the sword.

We hated being apart, and tried to spend time together as often as we could. I was doing a passable job as an aspiring warrior, and she a fine initiate to the Temple. As we had when we were younger, we still tried to train each other in what we had learned, even though it was anathema to think of a male performing the sacred rituals of priesthood. It simply didn't make sense to us to withhold anything from the other. We'd always made each other stronger.

I was enthralled by the Temple mysteries that my sister instructed me in, and she was pleased by the way I picked them up. My devotion to our Queen runs deep; perhaps deeper than it did in her. I see the fierce strength of our people, the dominance we have achieved over our slavers, the hunger in our eyes when we think of our prize. Although it was forbidden, I reveled in the power of my prayers. I committed myself to my faith, body and soul in service of Valsharess. Male or no, I would make her proud.

My sister was always too trusting. They found out what we were doing, and took us to the temple. There, she was sacrificed upon the altar of Valsharess, her heart offered to the Queen. I knew it to be right; she was weak and the weak are not to be allowed to live. Still, it felt as if a part of myself was severed from me. Perhaps it was. They carried me to the altar next, and I bore it stoically. When the eldest priestess was about to end my life, a widow spider descended from the ceiling and lit down on my exposed chest. They took it as an omen, and decided to study me rather than to kill me.

I'd rather not speak of the years I spent in their 'care'. We all know that tribulations that do not kill you will only make you stronger, and these did. I began my transformation during those years, muscle and flesh melting away from me, sinew and bone toughening and lengthening. An inner light kindled in my eyes, and month by month, year by year, the strength of my prayers increased.

My first physical transformation occurred two years ago now. It is a new blessing I've been given, a brand new gift from the Queen to her faithful males. Once, it was a curse to become a Dothkarn. Now, it is a token of Her favour. No one spurns me for having the audacity to claim priesthood as a male any more. Instead, they fear and even revere me for the gift of the Queen I wear so visibly.

This is a time of change, a chance for great power. L'Ssivah rules House Baenduis now, and I will show her the full power of a Dothkarn d'lil Har'oloth.


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