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 Post subject: Bydobyxon
PostPosted: Wed Jul 24, 2013 1:14 am 
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Caenyr Newcomer
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Gamespy ID: Sav_WoC
Character Name: Bybobyxon
Gender: Male
Race: Olath Yinglan/Gnobling (gnome base)
Age: 39
Class: Blighter
Alignment: NE
Deity: Karissa

Specimen 8 is the last being alive in my menagerie.

It is most disconcerting to awake in a morning and find no trace of the items I procured at such great cost. It had long been a dream of mine to create an environment where beings of every race lived together in peace and harmony casting off the mores and values of their ancestry, the prejudices that divided and instead working in unity. The hunters asked no questions, I stated my desires and they quoted a price. Once that price was agreed, perhaps after some negotiation they would disperse and return after a period of time with my new acquisition. I desired only the young, the untouched, the innocent for my Utopia. Each item was initially kept isolated whilst they were cleaned, checked for disease and trained in appropriate responses. They were taught such things as how to ask for food and water; how to behave when confronted by another sentient being and so on. It was a laborious task of love.

Specimen 1 was a human female. 2 was a male elf, 3 a female elf subtype mountain, 4 a human female, 5 a gnome male, 6 I believe was a dwarven male but it can be difficult to tell such things. 7 was half-elf subtype moon and 8 was, well he was truly an unexpected bonus. I had requested only the common a garden types for my initial trials, I intended to introduce more varied species, more aggressive species as time passed. But back to 8, they claimed he was a dark gnome, Olath Yinglan to be precise, but as I observed I saw traces of other things. The – I want to call him a beast but I must not give in to such things – the male has difficulty articulating whether from deformity of the jaw or from neglect as an infant I am not sure. I may have to terminate him and conduct a thorough examination. That may be my last recourse if what I suspect has happened is the truth. But my suspicions are horrible, hideous beyond belief. They told me he was a dark gnome, found close to one of the entrances to Har’oloth, naked, scrabbling in a refuse pit eating whatever was on hand. Everything, they told, absolutely everything was placed in his mouth and either swallowed or spit out. I was reluctant to take him in phase one but I trusted in my techniques, his conversion to harmony would have been my supreme achievement.

As I said he had difficulty forming words but with tenacity I managed to both comprehend what he did say and also develop his linguistic ability in the 5 years he has been under my care. From what I could ascertain I was correct, he was indeed an Olath Yinglan but his mother had become pregnant during an incursion of beings I had only heard of in legend – Gnoblings. She had bartered for her own, her children and her husband’s lives and Bydobyxon, so he named himself, was the result. He had been “frown ‘way” (thrown away) by “hiyup buggers” (the leadership) and left to fend for himself from his weaning. He withheld much of the details but looking at my increasingly empty menagerie I suspect these leaders came to the same conclusion as myself when they saw the emptying nursery.

My hindbrain warned me to put him down, out of his misery but the arrogance of knowledge convinced me I could tame and integrate him. Eighteen months ago I released him into the wilds, into my carefully and lovingly organized paradise. The others were wary, standoffish almost but my conditioning held and they made a place for him and refrained from killing the newcomer even when he slaughtered and ate their pet cat – raw. All was peaceful for several months, Bydob had some peculiar eating habits but in an odd way they benefited the environment at least initially. Then some odd plants appeared in darker corners of the menagerie; plants that produced noxious fumes and made the land around them barren. Bydob observed along with the others in seeming perturbation but it made me wonder. Then specimen 3 disappeared. I searched the perimeter to see if there was a way she could have escaped or been rescued. There was no breach of my security and no trace of her outside, or inside for that matter. One after another they all disappeared, the atmosphere within my experiment becoming toxic both emotionally and in areas physically.

Now only specimen 8 remains of my first trial. I shall have to purge him and start again, this time I shall accept only pure blooded civilized specimens. Perhaps I shall begin a second area in which I shall attempt the more warlike species but first to end him. I pity him really, his origins made it impossible for him to come to any other end. I step into the reserve, I have my staff and sword, my spells ready, with the innate sense of the vicious he seems to know and is hiding. I had started to wonder if some deity had a finger in this. Karissa seemed likely, I had books that I had studied to find out more, they spoke of dark unspeakable rites and practices; things that were disgusting to my educated mind. What was that? Something moved in the undergrowth. Bydob, I coaxed gently. I have food for you. Come my friend, we can eat together. I had shared meals with him in the past, watching the filed teeth gnaw into flesh was sickening, but for the sake of my studies I endured the trial. Come now, see what I have Something short from the tree above me. Piercing my neck, I raised a hand and pulled out a tiny thorn, as my vision danced and faded I looked up and saw red eyes looking hungrily down at me.

So now I find myself tied to four stakes, my clothing gone, my tools out of reach and my 8th specimen carving strips of flesh from my feet and calves. The practised skill he utilises to carve precisely is impressive and I note that he cauterises the wound with a heated knife, though he does not use the fire to cook the meat before he devours it. The fascination almost reduces the pain and terror, almost but not completely and I suspect I will succumb to total irrationality before he gets much further than my thighs. I see him eyeing higher parts of me with those red red eyes. I have no wish to die shrieking like a madman, I do not wish to die at all but as I must I wish to die with my dignity intact. Bydobyxon, do you wish to find others like you? Others who worship Karissa? My voice is hoarse from the screams but my words still reach him and he looks up, knife poised on the way to his mouth with my flesh dripping from it. I see interest and continue. If you promise, swear in her name to kill me fast, then I will tell you where they are. Where you can find them and learn more of what and who you are. His knife deposits the strip into the fanged mouth, his lips smacking at the flavour I suppose. Then it descends and he carves another strip, from the more fleshy part of my calf and I scream, his eyes seem to mock me. He thinks I shall be unable to withhold anything he wishes to know. But I have a plan. If you do not promise, swear, I shall chew off my tongue before you continue, I can before you can stop me, then you will know nothing and we will both lose. I bit into the flesh of my tongue and he growled.

I promise, I promise on Dark Goddess that if you tell, I finish you quick. Or my teeth falls out and I starve I swears.

I am startled by his new found eloquence interspersed in his normal jabber, he sounds like... like me! Oh if only I had time to study this but I suspect my time is now to be counted in minutes or even seconds. I have no choice but to trust him and I unfold all I have learned of the Blighters, I see his eyes light as he recognizes his skills, oh how I wish I could understand how he came to them, what dark turn led him to these paths. I tell him they can be found in Genocise, I speak of the Grove and he chuckles wildly. I have told you all, now keep your word or your teeth will fall out. You swore He steps closer, the knife in his hand and I close my eyes only to feel his stubby fingers pry the lid of one open, the knife hovering over the eyeball.

Me promise yes, me kills you quick, start at top instead of toes. Yies then nes then brain, that big brain will taste good I think..

I scream, and scream as the world goes dark….

Bydobyxon cleared up his mess, gnawed and de-marrowed bones buried in the pit with his other meals. The journals of his captor tossed in the fire that raged throughout the house and attached menagerie. Then he turned his eyes southeast and began the trek to his new family all he had learned tucked neatly away ready for the next time he was hungry and he was always hungry.


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