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PostPosted: Mon Jan 21, 2013 2:10 pm 
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Gamespy ID: MandolWoC
Character Name: Z’ress Mandol
Gender: Female
Race: Itheril
Age: 180
Class: Cleric
Domain: Mistress of Destruction
Alignment: NE
Deity: Valsharess

Experience in the Underdark results in two things: death or strength. Z’ress had the scars both physical and mental from much experience and more importantly she still breathed. Thus she was a woman of great strength. Her family had been raised to great heights by the Valsharess and through their own machinations and now she was its Matron. She had been preceded by superb examples, and abject failures. As she watched the body of the Matron who preceded her being borne with great honour to the crematorial site her face was rigid. At her feet knelt the male, the one who had dared to place poison in the food of his Mistress and watched her die even as she made use of him. The procession left and she looked down at the cowering male. He returned her look with a sly half-smile and made to stand. A swift movement of her booted foot smashed into his face, breaking his jaw, preventing any intelligible words.

The expression in his eyes changed from confidence to fear and realisation, she kicked him again hard in the stomach and he flailed like a drowning fish. Og’elend, tonaik auflaque She lifted her head to summon the guards who held him spread-eagled on the floor. Z’ress stalked around him, the whip she had at her belt flicking out with great skill to slash the silken shirt and the flesh below to ribbons while avoiding the hands of her guard. Blood bubbled as the male tried to speak, tried to explain and she bent, taking the fractured jaw in her hand and squeezing. Mir dosst gre'as'anto. L' er'griff klez udos daewl ulu nym'uer ph' dosst ul'nussten 'zil dos el. This could not be done too quickly but too much time might give those who opposed her opportunity to discover things that should stay hidden. With sharp commands she summoned the brazier and ritual knife. Ul'nusst al jaluk xor dosst dalninin, dalninuken lu' abbilen orn flohlu dos. His eyes widened further as he finally understood. His screams were pleasing. His family and friends still died. Z’ress would begin her rule with a ruthlessness that would ensure that it would hard for her sisters to find co-conspirators should they become dissatisfied with her as matron. Har’oloth was a cruel Mistress and only the strong survived.



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