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 Post subject: Paragons of Draxil
PostPosted: Wed Jul 18, 2012 11:04 pm 
NPC - Deity
NPC - Deity
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Paragon of Draxil

A Paragon is viewed as a shining light, a beacon of hope and a model of excellence among the children of Draxil. They are the guardians of his children, his champions against malefic threats to his creations. They rally brave warriors with their chants and encourage these heroes in times of conflict with inspiration and motivation. To be a Paragon is to dedicate their life’s pursuit in service to the Dragon God in preparation of what lies beyond the mortal realm.

To Become a Paragon

A Paragon is not simply made or born. Their existence is preordained, or so they believe, and each and every one of them has his or her own reason for becoming a Paragon, but each of them in turn has come face to face with a near death experience, and believe that it was by the will of Draxil alone that they live when they should have died, thus choosing to dedicate their lives in service to him. It is this experience that drives them to believe that their existence was an act of fate and not mere chance. A Paragon’s life begins when their old life has ended.

The Life of a Paragon

Paragons are not entirely social, and because of their work they are often found in situations where ordinary people are confronted with mystical or monstrous threats. Because of their service, they remain detached and segregated from the normal masses, often moving from place to place. They may remain as part of a village or settlement for years as long as their work keeps them there, yet never truly settle down and leave once the threat has been eliminated in pursuit of the next, or to wherever it is their god calls them too. A Paragon never rests, for once they do, their service has ended and their existence is no longer required. Once a Paragon believes that his service is complete, they willingly give their life back to the Dragon Father, ready in their mind that they are ready for the challenges of what lies beyond.

The Tenets of a Paragon

To a Paragon, nothing is left to chance. Every aspect of their life is due to fate, including their own existence. It was fate that brought them from the brink of death, and so Paragons strongly believe that fate has a powerful role to play in their lives and everything else around them. Should any two Paragons come to meet in battle, it is due to fate. Should either one of them fall, it is also due to fate. Any occurrence they come across is preordained, and they believe their time on the mortal realm is only in preparation for the greater challenges that wait in the mists of the Dragon Dream.

Paragons will never intentionally harm one another, and are always devoted to protecting their brothers and sisters of faith. Due to the chromatic differences of dragon-kin, in times when their views and opinions differ they may duel to see who has the right to carry forth Draxil’s will, but it falls upon Draxil’s Champion to decide which action is better service to the Dragon Father, and the duel is a last resort when the Champion is not available. If one of them should fall due to their wounds, it is still determined to be an act of fate.

Paragons wear the colors of Draxil at all times. They are to be seen as leaders, leading Draxil’s faithful at the forefront of any encounter. As such, their armor is colored gold and elegantly decorated, and their capes are a crimson red, as well as are the other pieces of armor that may not be metal. While there are a few occasions where they wear colors to represent another organization, they will always wear the gold and red during formal celebrations, or when they go to war to stand out as a Paragon.

//OOC Note: This Divine Avatar title is restricted only to followers of Draxil. Your alignment can only be LG, LN, or LE depending on the sub-race of your character as is outlined here. You must have at a minimum 10 levels of Divine Avatar. This will allow room for other classes pertaining to your character’s RP, and you must include in that character’s Bio the near death experience that has brought him or her to become a Paragon. Also, once the character chooses the life of a Paragon, he or she can no longer simply retire and must be permanently killed, as is explained in the description above.

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