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 Post subject: Heavenly Forces
PostPosted: Wed Sep 12, 2007 11:45 am 
Caenyr Noble
Caenyr Noble
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Heavenly Forces.

The skies above Caenyr are filled with stars as described elsewhere. However, to many, including those who study and seek to manipulate the elements, these heavenly bodies have impact upon Caenyr and its workings.

There are widely considered to be five elements: Air, Earth, Fire, Water and Aether. The first four make up the fabric of what we see and experience physically while Aether has been described as the energy that binds and flows between them.

In regard to the elements and the heavens the studies and experiences of many scholars of a variety of disciplines has led to the theory that the working of each element is related to and can be influenced by the position and movement of particular planets.

The element of Earth is believed to be governed by the planet Astilis, named after the druid of that name who lived in Tyran around 700 BL. His study of the skies and their effect on the natural order led him to believe this planet affected the cycle of sowing and harvest. He also named the constellation in which this planet appears, the Farmer’s Ward. The constellation is in the third quadrant of the sky.

The element of Water is believed to be governed by the planet Xyphalla, the planet was named by a student of Astilis who was fascinated by the sea and tides. He believed they were influenced by more than the cycles of the three moons and identified Xyphalla as being of vital importance in them. He named his find after his mother who was a sea-elf. Xyphalla is found in the first quadrant of the sky in the constellation known as Qua’ryn’s Harp.

The element of Fire is believed to be governed by the planet Mertan, this dull red body is found in the constellation known as the Dragon’s Breath. It is found in the second quadrant of the sky. Mertan was a mage who studied long and hard, in Tendril during the reign of Rumly, to master all aspects of fire magic. His investigations led him to the Dragon’s Breath and its legends and he identified Mertan as the key to mastery of fire. The name was taken from a young apprentice who died in a tragic accident during one of his experiments.

The element of Air falls under the influence of Pyssap, a planet found in the fourth quadrant in the constellation known as the Lovers. The work of several scholars led to this conclusion and their initials were used in naming; they were Py’athr, an elven wizard, Stolin, a human druid, Sturm, a dwarven cleric and Aptus, a gnome mage. The four unlikely co-contributors were drawn together after the founding of Vorlgard.

Unlike the other elements, Aether is considered to have connection to several planets. The negative side is governed by a planet known as the Dark Star, the positive side by the First Star and holding the two in balance is the pair known as the Father’s Eyes. This theory is the result of long observation and experimentation by innumerable academics and practitioners. The Dark Star is best seen during the eclipse of two moons but is obviously present at all times, it moves between the all quadrants in an orbit directly opposing that of the First Star as it in turn travels through the heavens.

Many druids believe that knowledge of the influences of these ‘stars’ can be used when working with, or against, nature and the natural to enhance their work. By timing the beginning, middle or end to align with the positions of these heavenly bodies a variety of different results can be achieved.


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PostPosted: Fri Jun 13, 2008 5:58 pm 
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