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 Post subject: The Empire of Tyran
PostPosted: Sat Aug 25, 2007 12:03 am 
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Empire of Tyran

Ancient History:
The Empire of Tyran is an ancient Empire, which lies across the ocean from Chail-Anden, known for its powerful Forts and numerous cities, and of course the 1000 year Dynasty of Nmmi. During the years before the Lancers, around 980 years ago, the lumberjacks of Tyran decimated entire forests, with no regard for the local druids, various disputes arose, but the ever-increasing population demanded homes and firewood and thus the forests upon the peak of Tyrannous were. The City of Tyrannous itself lies on the remains of an ancient volcano, once surrounded by a large forest; now the entire city is spread over the summit, with the Palace of Emperor's rising upon the summit. Various dwarfs' enclaves had penetrated the mountain and the Emperor allied with them, keen for their ore. The mountain peoples of Tyran slowly saw foreigners arrive to their lands from the west and east, populating lands they deemed their birthright, people such as Lantorm and Mourd, founded cities, in their name, urging peoples from the lands around to embark on a voyage to this new frontier. In time, the mountain dwellers, known as the Tyranese, would sweep down from their home upon high and reclaim their birthright, through force of arms.

As time progressed, various aristocratic families began to establish more and more power in the Senate, with the Nmmi family remaining dominant.
200 years ago, Tyran suffered a large scale attack from a group of Red Dragons, they attacked without mercy, pillaging towns and walking among men as in the guise of men, only to kill them and add to there extensive loot. As they attacked, undead laid siege to Middlemourd, but were eventually fought back, into the caverns from which they sprung. After several Dragons were felled, they retreated into the mountains. Today, Tyran employs extensive defences against the large numbers of Dragons that inhabit this part of Caenyr.
160 years ago, to this day, the Itheril made the full extent of their influence known, when they successfully attacked Middlemourd and once occupied part of its streets, aided by nationalists, who wanted a return to independence. However, the valiant Legions of Order drove them into the ground from which they came and peace was restored.

The Capital lies at the summit of Mount Tyran, the crater walls of the extinct volcano provide excellent defence, while the steep mountainside would intimidate even the hardest attackers.
The Palace lies at the absolute summit, with the local legionary barracks at the nearby, while the Mage Tower toward to its left. North of the Castle, lies the Senate Hall. South of the castle is the Temple of Light and also the local Adventurers shop; beneath the Temple of Light is the entrance to the crypts of the Lich. A guarded outer wall defends the city, with the actual city raised above the ground. Around the central section and to the west of the city is a region of commerce and trade, open stalls and welcoming stores. East Tyran delights one, with its hearty choice of taverns, baths and entertainment.

Upper City: The Palace and buildings around it represent the Inner city. Buildings such as the Senate Hall, Order of Light Barracks and the Temple are located here, as well as the wealthy few who can afford the housing costs.

The Emperors Palace is a complex building. Occupying the center of the city, it is itself a miniature self-contained city. It is said, under siege, the Palace could hold out for many a years, if such an event came to pass. The main lobby greets the visitor with splendor and wealth. The throne room is directly north of the doors, while various rooms house guests of the Imperial family and the barracks for the Imperial Guard, as well as the main dining hall and kitchen, storage areas are carefully hidden as well, past a guarded corridor to the west, the main library also occupies this floor, to the east lies the splendor of the Imperial Court, where to go unnoticed, one must attempt to be noticed, not only do the various families discuss various things, its also where they commune and enjoy themselves, a sort of place for the elite to meet.

Imperial Senate: A place of good deeds, justice and bribery. This office deals with things far below the ears of the Imperial Court, although this doesn't stop the various families wrangling over the seats. The main hall is a commune for city folk, where they can obtain maps and information on the city, however behind the closed doors at the back, directly north of the entrance into the building, the appointed senators plough through paperwork as they organize the Empires various institutions and lesser laws and generally argue.

Tyran Prison: The cities prison houses some of the most hardened criminals in the Empire, located underground, it has only one exit that is heavily guarded and is regarded by many as inescapable. The stone walls are protected magically from prisoners eager to try and dig their way out.
The Prison is made up of 3 levels. The 1st level has no prisoners and consists of guard's quarters, administration, the Armory, and a torture room. The 2nd level is where mostly lesser criminals are imprisoned and have various communal areas, such as a rehab school. The criminals have mostly committed crimes like petty theft or said bad things about the Emperor.

The third level is where violent people are housed. In sealed, fully locked cells. The guards patrolling this section of the Prison are armed with Crossbows and shoot on sight anyone they do not recognize. Criminals are shackled, but fed well. Prisoners of war are also kept here...

The Dungeons themselves bear the marks of an ancient group of Itheril elves, who arrived long before the humans. At one time, it’s believed a powerful Lich subverted them, after they refused his lordship, he personally slaughtered them all, twisting them into an undead army through his corruptive magic. Before he could launch a campaign of terror and evil however, his lair was sealed by a volcanic eruption, which slaughtered all but a few hundred of his Army and ending his hopes for power, it is believed the ancient lich survived, no doubt sleeping in the fiery core of Mount Tyran (after which the city and kingdom is named). Although he did manage to create a plethora of magical Armour and weapons, no doubt destined for use by his nefarious army. During the early years of Tyran, the crypts were discovered after an underground Temple was built. The Clerics did not posses the power to defeat the undead forces, but they did create magical wards as well as physical barriers. The Temple lower sections were turned into a staging ground for the phoney tough and the crazy brave. The lowest section of the crypt is impossible to penetrate, although home to immense treasure, the Lich himself wanders here and his forces can be overwhelming to even seasoned warriors, though routes exist where he does not walk, for some strange reason.

DUNGEON DEPTHS: In the unlit depths of the caverns, it is said the Lich summoned Demons from hell itself to serve his will, although none have ever come back to confirm the tale. These depths are so cold and lifeless, not a single bit of light reaches it. The air is stale and dead, there is no sound. Most turn back at this point, too afraid to continue. The crazy brave continue on, sometimes creating their own little camps in defendable areas, while they prepare to venture deeper into the mountain. There are currently rumors of a Balor lord within this ancient crypt, who is actually loyal to the Lich! No doubt the demonic creatures of hell are plotting something to usurp the rightful rule of Emperor Nmmi. The lower dungeons are however deeply alluring to adventurers, the total lack of lighting seems only to enhance the adventure (I do mean total lack of lighting, without a torch or glowing thingy bob, you wont see a thing, except glowing red eyes hehe and you'll be wondering whether that fire was set up by a fellow adventure, or some Demon of the night).

The Temple of Light is divided into 3 floors; the ground floor is a communal prayer hall devoted to the goddess of Light, while the 1st floor is where the kitchen, private prayer rooms and sleep quarters are located. The bottom floor is a gathering ground for would-be heroes and adventurers. The clerics of the temple kindly provide a teleporter from outside to this region, although some suspect the real purpose of the portal is to prevent loud, often impolite adventuring folk from disturbing prayer. The entrance to the dungeons is on this floor, guarded by Paladins and the evil is sealed in. Only those adventurers who prove their worth (usually by a modest deposit of gold) can enter.

Fort Nmmi: Located at the base of Mount Tyran, it’s a stop off point for tired travelers and a gathering ground for those looking to assail the nearby denizens of the local caves, or tackle the inhabitants of the Netherford Forest. It also houses a large storage facility for grain, while a canal provides a link to the Port Ilnathori. Various farmhouses etc can be found just outside the fort as well. It’s also of course a prime Military Fort.

There is a small local market outside the Fort, where mainly Armour and long swords can be found.

Port Ilasthorn: This small but busy port is the primary shipping lane out of Tyran, all manner of pirate and merchant alike dock here to exchange both goods and stories, while passengers can usually book passage to far off lands and capital cities alike. It contains a local tavern, plus large numbers of storage yards and private buildings; some are far from friendly, especially the Mage tower, to which mysterious delivers from afar usually arrive. Some guilds also maintain interests here and can be found, if you're willing to look. For the most part, it's a safe port and often the arrival point of strange people from beyond the great sea. The main location of interest is the main build near the dockside; there you can find the times for the various boats and where they go and of course, the price. Many people have flocked in numbers to boats, taking travelers across the sea to exotic lands, mainly the eastern islands.

Middlemourd: The city of crossroads, most travelers in Tyran end up at some point. South is the great forest of Netherford, north is the capital, east is the Isle of Nyran and west is the untamed lands as well as other less well-known towns and villages. The city of Middlemourd is a thriving bustling town, home to many different species, even some Itheril lurk in the darker streets of Middlemourd. Most of the city is dominated by housing, with the occasional estate and Middlemourd also boasts a healthy market in the City Centre, surrounded by various shops. The Mages of Middlemourd, as they are known, have a large degree of influence in the city and one is advised to remain on their good side. Attempting to enter the restricted sections of their Mage Tower will land one in severe trouble and likely lead to the said persons death, imprisonment, or worse. The town officially belongs to the Prefect of Middlemourd, a member of the Nmmi family. The northern part of the city is a darker place, home to some 'lively' establishments as well as the Estate of the Darksong family.

Lantorm's Gate: A City recently annexed by the Empire of Man (as it likes to refer to itself). Lantorm was the first Etarian to travel to the lands of Tyrania. There is a monument on the spot where he first set up camp, dedicated to his exploration of this land. The dockside is where the trade route starts and a land taxi service usually takes passengers off the boats, directly to Llaedons Pass. Some people do however stay and travel the cities multiple taverns. The city has no real mining or farming industry whatsoever and relies mainly on the influx of people from abroad to sustain itself, as well as the fishing trawlers. As you debark from a ship, a main road leads straight to the gate; the centre of the city is where Lantorm’s monument is. There are a number of Taverns, the most notable being Lantorm’s Legacy, which claims it’s on the site of Lantorm’s actual lodgings. The Lantorm’s Legacy is located to the left of the Monument.

Avril Xeni: The sea capital of Tyran. This complex city is a maze of canals and streams. Although cold and inundated with snow, the temperature of the water is somewhat warmer, though still icy to the touch and both lake and canal are free from major ice all year round.
As you enter from the gates, you can see the main canals dividing the city. The Trade Guild maintains a presence in this town, no doubt due to the wealthy tanning industry located here.
The city has a temple as well, of good alignment of course. The Estate of the Forntale family is located here, as they control several of the fishing guilds. There Estate is walled and those with enough funds can sometimes seek an audience with them. Though you’re unlikely to be successful in any bribery offers, the most they'll do is give you an errand. The Forntale family has a history of getting other people to do stuff for them, some say it’s because they are all cowards. Due to the extensive water supply, Avril has a large sewer system, sometimes infested with kobolds who tunnel in, on the brighter side, the extended sewer systems allow for large amounts of beautifully crafted fountains. The Tyran Naval shipyards are also based here, maintaining the dozen naval vessels that patrol the coasts of Tyran from pirates, while also being the HQ of the overall navy, which includes ships from Lantorm’s Gate.

Dwarf Mines (These are located at the base of Mount Tyran, near Fort Nmmi!): The mines here house both hostile and friendly dwarfs alike. There is a small Dwarves village to be found within Mount Tyran, as well as other more hostile groups of Grae. The dwarven city is typical of a small village, with the Tavern at its center, a local shop and healer. The other mines located just off the Llaedons Pass contain Grae miners who are deeply hostile, as well as other hostile groups. All sorts of Ore can be mined here, though the more valuable the ore, the more jealously the dwarfs will defend it. The mines are well lit and well guarded, although the deeper they mine, the greater the chance of tunneling into the Crypts becomes. Rumours also persist of an Itheril city nearby, though unfounded, Mount Tyran has underground caverns and streams extremely suited to the Itheril.

Underdark Tunnel: Hidden in undergrowth in Greendale, few know of this place, a tunnel leads into the realm of the dark elves. Although lightly guarded, the deeper you travel into this dark realm, the greater your chance of running into entrenched Itheril becomes. They do not look kindly upon those who are not Itheril intruding upon them. If you are lucky, they'll take you as a slave.

Llaedons (lay-e-ons) Pass: Tyran is bordered by a long stretch of mountains, hardy and tough, full of orcs and barbarians, kept at bay only by the extensive defences of Tyran. Beyond the mountains lie untamed lands, while the south section of the range is a primary trade route. The pass is flat with steep valley sides. Next to the pass lies the Netherford forest, while continuing down the trade route will lead to Fort Nmmi. The path is safe, through venture far from it and you'll soon find yourselves knee-deep in all manner of creatures, several groups of researchers have set up residence here to study all manner of wildlife. The Pass has a Guard post and a hut where one can book passage on a trade route (Usually faster than walking). The Gates marked an older border to the Empire of Tyran, something that partially demonstrates its eternal lust for land as it encroaches southward.

The Cave here is the tunnel that leads to the untamed lands.

Netherford Forest: Druids reside here, deep inside a concealed cave, while its also said to be the location of a Dragon, though this is somewhat unfounded, as Dragon sightings are a rarity, more commonly are the untamed beasts who venture down from the mountain range, or bands of beasts who have ventured too far from the untamed deserts. A temple would seem the perfect spot for an evil cult, however the local temple in this forest is a haven for a group of self-centred mages, who jealously guard something deep below, so much so that they warded the ground against curious dwarfs and their picks. Spiders are a common sight, though usually a good show of force can scare them away. The forests are usually dark, as the trees are thick. Paths exist, but are relatively few in number. The forests are expansive and deep.

Greendale: A misleading name, the area of Greendale teems with, waterfalls, streams, grass and danger. Goblin tribes hide in the grass, hunting deer or a lost adventurer. Deep within the forest, this clearing is a lost land; it borders the deep caverns of the mountain range. Rarely have humans entered this land; it is the realm of elves and their folk. There used to be a human village here, but it was mysteriously wiped out, sightings of a Red Dragon have also been commonly reported as well as an odd lunatic who screamed of black skinned elves, whether or not the drunken fool actually saw anything is unknown, he jumped into a well soon after. The disappearance of the village was put down to the large numbers of goblins in the area who were also said to have burned large tracks of forest. The Caverns here are unexplored and deep, they could contain anything.

Untamed Lands: For the extremely fool hardy, a lengthy tunnel leads right through the mountains into the untamed lands or a long walk through the mountains, where death is almost certain. Only extremely seasoned adventurers should test their mettle in this land. Fort Avium being the only bastion of civilization, contains only a barracks and 'Tavern' in one, with thick walls and strong defences, as well as food supplies and a hostel. Located quite deep in the barren lands (as most of the untamed lands are desert), its often totally cut off from civilization for weeks or months at a time, as terribly fierce storms batter its walls, while adventurers sing songs inside, trying to forget what beasts walk outside the walls. Though when one says strong defences, they mean it. Fort Avium is very strong and has survived storms, which would ruin a lesser fort. This is mainly due to the underground stores and strong foundations and the strong Order of Light presence. Beyond Fort Avium, the closest thing to civilization is the rumours of Orc cities, and of the Dread Talon. Vast stretches of desert run parallel with thick, impenetrable forests, teeming with life and white tracks of tundra to the north. Most adventurers are attracted to this land because its mostly unknown and untamed, that or they are isolationist and wish to set up shop in Fort Avium, with just under 40 men and women for company. One thing is certain in the untamed lands, you'll find adventure, but whether you'll survive it, is another matter.

There are several tribal towns in the Untamed Lands that remain under the control of the eastern frontier legions.

Khaaj: The town of Khaaj is the native home and capital of a tribe of desert wanderers known as the Modumon, after suffering attacks from Orcs, they made their presence known to the Order which stepped into help, in exchange for overall control of Khaaj and its outlying regions. This has caused some friction with other locals, who resent their presence. The locals seek to protect the beasts of the desert and worship the God Draxil, it is believed through some relationship with the local creatures, the province of Khaaj receives far less attacks due to beasts than anywhere else in the untamed lands. The Modumon wear practical clothes of the desert and are quiet, well-mannered people, though you will find no ale in their taverns and they always welcome strangers into their homes.

Isle of Nyran: A place few set foot on. A strange island, robbed of Light, engulfed in darkness. During the day it can guide faraway ships near to Caenyr, due to the total absence of light. The Paladins say, it houses a Temple, a place of evil. Something far more sinister than undead roam the island at Night. The Fort of Aragorth reports strange scratching noises on the walls at night and eerie mist in the distance. The Fort of Aragorth contains only one, thick doored and thick walled building, with a door directly leading to the where boats with supplies arrive. It’s said, the Island is not cursed, but that the soil is. So most try to avoid ever actually stepping onto the ground. Some adventurers do and most curses are tales, though it’s often best to get a blessing from the local Cleric before venturing onto the island. Plus it’s often best to take a magical item of light, as slicing winds can often blow out a torch. A dark tower dominates the Island, as well as a various ruined buildings. Nobody knows what exactly is out there, at present most adventurers speak of seeing tall dark figures and howling screams in the night. When traveling here, a torch at least is required.

Northbourne: An eerie town/village, decayed and empty, its lies next to the vast plains of Tyran, where many a farm can be found. Eternally covered in mist, its streets are all but deserted. Once it was a bustling town, full of activity. One day however, everybody disappeared and a mist surrounded the town. Those who penetrate the mist are confronted by hellish sky and a red glow. It seems some evil force has taken over the village, though at present, the town is off-limits to all, until the Order of Light investigate it fully.
As one enters the town, there is one path, with houses on either side and a tavern at the top. Another road at the top, leads to the local mine to the west, while a road east leads to Narthorn. Before Northbourne, succumbed to the evil, it was reported the something had been discovered underneath the tavern, after that news reached Avril Xeni, the mist prevented further access for days.

Narthorn: A small but wealthy mining town. It contains a local tavern, shop and several wealthy estates. The local mine is usually busy, through the deeper it mines, the more the danger of uncovering something increases. Surrounded by forest and near a lake, the town is a beauty spot for most hardened sightseers, as the snow can put some off.

Frost Wind: The icy 'city' of the North. The surprising chilling winds of the Estharian seas bombard this city (though it's more an extended town), snow is all year round. While only a few more miles inland, farmers enjoy reliable crops and mild weather. The city is quite a small, home to a few Mages who wish relative isolation and a number of traders and Sea Captains, as well as a harder population of adventurers, using this city as a base for traveling into the deep north. The Port here is the only busy area, for those wishing to travel up through the Northern Seas. There are sea caverns underneath the city, home to a tribe of Frost Giants, who venture out into the city rarely much to the relief of the local guard, preferring to travel north through the caverns. The Jerik and Syndi families call this icy realm their home and have some influence on its streets. There is however, a mysterious fear in the city and many in the city advise visitors to stay indoors during the night. Whether it's the cold winds or something more sinister, the inhabitants of the city rarely wander outdoors during the cold nights. It may seem unsafe, but the winds truly are fierce and it’s probably, the fear is just of the winds and nothing more than that.

Arkinous: A religiously dominated town, the Keldorm family administer the local Temple in the center square. The Inhabitants are fiercely protective of their religious values and those who do not conform are thrown out. A sizeable portion from the Order of Light call this town home. If you conform to the local religion, you'll find the locals friendly and welcoming.

Valourd's Hold: An abandoned Valourian Fortification, few venture near, with the local Empire presence preferring a fort nearby to the local villages.

Imperial Families: The Imperial families of Tyran, are the true Tyranese, every single one can trace their heritage back to the mountains of Tyrannous.

Imperial Family: Emperor Tiberius Nmmi

Nmmi: The Nmmi family has produced a series of strong, powerful leaders. The Empire itself was founded by them.

Ithanius: Wealthy merchants, they wont mind selling anyone out for more power and are known to take healthy bribes, although they themselves maintains these are nothing but unfounded lies.
- Jonai Ithan: Jonai is greedy and corrupt. He considers his position in the Imperial Senate a job by all accounts privately and accepts what he calls wages from those who have issues they want to raise.

They dream of the days of the glory days, when Legions of Tyran marched undefeated across Tyrania conquering all before them. They control several exceedingly wealthy mining operations.
- Augusi Pralus : He is an official of the Imperial Senate/

Rarnoki: Thievery and backstabbing are the trademarks of this family, they are rumoured to be deeply involved with several thieves’ guilds, they aren't overly evil, preferring to gather dirt on other families rather than assassinate their members
-Vendri Rarnoki: Light fingered and smart witted. He knows the dangers of the Imperial Courts and the Inquisition. He can weave in and out of dangerous situations and manage to come out on top. Mainly through blackmail and robbery. He prefers not to kill people and merely sees what he does as an alternative to dirty politics.

Foris: Another well-meaning family, they have grown decadent on their successful farming and tend to support the Augusi in the Imperial Court.
-Eliber Foris: Tall and strong, always hard at work running his farm, though when the Imperial court calls, he answers just as readily as everyone else. An honest individual, he is one of the few business related figures that doesn't take bribes and he runs a totally honest group of farming communities.

Darksong: As the name suggests, this families roots are black to the core. Their rise to power was through assassination and conflict. Kept in line only through the power of the Nmmi family and several key marriages to members of the Rarnoki family.
Vorali Darksong: A warmonging, bloodthirsty individual. He'll happily lie to your face and stab you in the back. He is black to the bone, his skin has degraded through his extensive use of evil magic, he now wears a cloak all the time, to cover his blackened skin. His eyes glow red, though he hides them under his cloak. Its little wonder why most of the other families both hate and fear him.

Keldorm: A religious family, good in heart, oppressive in practise. Those who do not worship the gods of the Keldorm can expect quick expulsion from the Town of Arkinous.
-Father Keldorm: A senior figure in the Church of Tyllar. They have more influence than direct power, as people respect religious symbols and Father Keldorm has helped many people in need.

Forntale: They aren't powerful to control even a town, their estate is located in the Avril Xeni. A lawful family, they own several fishing guilds, they are quick to support to Ithanius during power struggles.
Jameson Forntale: A weary adventurer, he is paranoid and eccentric. Some say downright insane. Though he has managed to gain enough power to just about stay in the Imperial Court. Though not a humorous person himself, his antics have caused many a humorous occasion in the court. Through some speak of a more sinister outlook. They believe he pretends to be insane, so people don't take the Forntale family seriously, which in the Imperial Court, can be a good thing.

Jerilik and Syndi: These two families are deeply connected and intermarriage, seeking to combine their power to enable them to survive at the higher echelons of the Imperial Court. They are however, on the whole, fairly insignificant.

Lesser families: Not entitled to a try and grab Senate seat, they are an unheard voice, but marginally wealthy, but they have little influence.


Tyran is an Empire known for its love of arts, history. They go to great lengths to build great monuments to the past and take pride in their Architecture((has parallels with Byzantine/Roman Architecture)), cities do not spring up in Tyran usually, careful thought and planning has resulted in the construction of a city.
They have an established aristocracy class, mainly made up of the Imperial families. The official religion is the worship of Tyllar. Tyran's population is overwhelming human, though Elves and Dwarfs make up the reminder of the population, usually serving proudly in the legions. They are quite a proud people, supportive of their wealthy lifestyle and of the Imperial families.

Mor'tep is not so much a shunned God in this region, but as one rarely spoken of, as death is an unsavoury topic of discussion.


The Tyranese Military is organised into Legions. There is a clear-cut system of rank, and a number of different divisions of the basic unit, the legion. The legions are numbered. A legion consists of 5,500 men, plus auxiliaries. This is further subdivided into ten units called cohorts. Nine of the cohorts had 480 soldiers. The cohorts are subdivided into six centuries, of about 80 men each. Each century is commanded by a captain or Centurion.

The first cohort is different. It has about 800 men, and only five centuries. Many of the extra men in the first cohort are specialists, such as blacksmiths or builders or Clerics. The centurion of the first cohort's first century was the primus pilus, or "first spear," and was the highest-ranking centurion in the legion. The Legion also has 120 mounted Paladins.

They also have a quite developed Navy, consisting of a dozen or so warships, which patrol each side of the empires coasts.


The Inquisition is an organisation devoted to being the Hand of the Emperor, the tool to which he can control the Empire. They are devoted to the tasks of the night, spying, subterfuge and assassination. They are also on the lookout for heretics and those who speak out against the Emperor. They are skilled at what they do and are everywhere, secret, watching and vigilant.


Tyran, was once a Kingdom, but for the past one thousand years, it has been an active imperial power in Tyrania and has actively sought to bring all of it under its control.

Wizards of Frost Wind: The internal struggles of these isolationistic mages has caused many a stir in Frost Wind. They first arrived 200 years ago, in a isolated incident, a nearby house was obliterated as the mages fought, apparently over a game of hide and seek, in which one mage was alleged to of used true seeing. However childish these Wizards may seem, they are quite powerful and tend to look down upon Frost Wind from their lofty tower. They hold much sway in the city, if they ever chose to use there influence that is.

Mages of Flamethought : A group of mages adept at the art of transforming themselves, they are often known to parade as Dragons. They are a group of lawful evil mages, who have been suspected of aiding the Dragons that assail Tyran on a yearly basis.

The lands of southern Tyran were renowned for there great mastery of magic, while also deeply mistrusted for it. The city was beautiful, lying south of the forest, along a particularly pleasant stretch of coastline. As one approached the city, the great mage tower dominated the skyline. To its right, was the lesser Tower, in which many of the more dangerous experiments were performed. The mages of course, did not want to risk there prideful tower being destroyed, so they assigned the more 'explosive' experiments to this lesser tower.

The main tower, stood raised several times above the main section of the city., with streams running from each side, down into collection pools. The waters were magically enchanted and were always fit to drink.

An Adventurer called Myrik Aruthan once visited this city, after crusading north of Tyran, against masses of wyrms and Orcs. Carrying his famous Vorpal Sword(something he obtained from Dyrantor, a fierce Red Dragon, who had flew east across the sea and obtained many magical items which he added to his horde. Dyrantor is dead of course, slain by Myrik), he strode into town upon his mount, he was so impressed with the masonry, he bought residence within the walls of the city, so that each day, he could marvel at the beauty of the surrounding land. In honor, a statue of Myrik was placed as one entered the mage level of the city, which was of course, elevated above the rest.

The mages, were known as the Baal Wizards. A group of mages of varying alignment, who studied the arcane arts and held lordship over the city. Oppressive in their time, they often prevented other mages practising magic in the city, due to their jealously. They were especially concerned with making themselves more powerful and some say they sought to control more than just one city.

The mages constantly tried to push the boundaries of magic, concocting ever more effective(and dangerous) spells. As they mastered their art, they created many magic items, which they sold to other towns and guilds. However, they also began to delve into the mysterious of the abyss and the many different planes.

One fateful day, the High Mage Allisia Betanya was perfecting a spell, which would open a gateway to another plane. She was attempting to cast the spell, with the help of some close friends. At this point, she succeeded far beyond her expectations and opened a large portal into either the abyss or some extremely evil fiendish plane. Demons burst forth from the portal, a Succubus emerged, casting several powerful spells upon the mages, twisting them inside to her will. The Demons hid themselves inside the Wizards tower, which possibly explains why it remains intact to this day.

Slowly, the corruptive influence inside Allisia began to win, her desires were too powerful to resist and her skill with magic increased, she became far more beautiful than the other mages remembered her, but this came at a price. Her soul was no longer hers and she was forced to help prepare for the Fall of Baalyr. The portal was not powerful enough for a full-scale invasion of the local lands and Allisia task was to gather and corrupt enough mages, to cast a far more powerful version of the original spell.

Allisia worked on this for several weeks, however Myrik was deeply suspicious and felt a growing evil. He was too late however, by the time he challenged Allisia, a third of the mages were under the Succubae’s control and as the other mages, who still retained their souls gathered outside the cloak tower, along with several Paladins scouts, from the marching Army of Light, Allisia began to chant the spell.

Demons now released themselves upon an unsuspecting population, chasing down many inhabitants and eating their flesh, feasting on the captured souls, which they bound to the area, to torment forever.

The mages marched forward, but they were too late, the soul-less mages confronted them and a great battle of magic erupted, the soul-less were massacred, expect for Allisia and her closest allies who contained to charge the portal. As they cheered and celebrated, a massive portal opened in the sky and demons came forth, casting fire down upon the city. The defenders retreated to the mighty cloak tower, hiding within its walls. Allisia's mages gathered outside, along with the hordes of Demons and Dragonspawn. They charged at the gates, but they held. They attempted to destroy the walls, but they held.

Finally, Allisia challenged Myrik to a battle, mage versus Paladin. He of course agreed and stepped outside to fight.

They eyed each other up, before Allisia started the duel with a spell of magic missiles, which harmlessly fell to the ground before Myrik, who immediately thrust his sword into her gut, to the awe and amazement of all around. He didn’t use his Vorpal sword as expected, but instead defeated Allisia with a simple sword for which she had not prepared.

But something went wrong that day and although he fought bravely, Myrik fell to the angry horde of Demons, who finally managed to burst into the tower, through the gates, with the help of a Dragon, who used its might weight against the door.

The fighting was bloody and up-close, but tower was all but destroyed. The city lay in smouldering ruins, most of the demons set themselves upon the other local cities, before being driven back by the Crusaders of Light.

Still however, to this day, the ruined lands of the south are home to great treasure, guarded by the surviving demons and hordes of non-humans, who hide in the shadows. Baalyr is merely the most affected, a deep evil aura surrounds the ruin and a dark cloud hands above, it’s a dark and foreboding place. Demons hide in the rubble and streets, while ghosts sometimes appear, reliving their horrible deaths. To an Adventurer, the city is a magical goldmine, full of powerful items and weapons. But the dangers are great, the Demons, although not in the numbers they once were, still remain extremely dangerous.

The city today is a ruin, the land around it is dark and broken. The trees torched and the sea polluted with the blood of the innocent. The local survivors, have a deep mistrust of mages, who they say, brought this upon a region, once renowned for its beauty, now known for its devastation. This is a dark land, one with a growing evil and the Paladins warn against traveling here.

Valourian War: A war fought by Emperor Kelnyr Nmmi against the then, 8 cities of Valouria. It proved to be a quick and bloody affair, in which three entire legions were wiped out, although by the end, Valouria had lost hundreds of thousands. The war is sometimes said to of drove Kelnyr Nmmi mad with sorrow, as he cried for his legions back and is widely attributed by some to have played a part in the demise of the Princess's career in the Order. Today, a massive graveyard, constructed by Kelnyr, pays tribute to the thousand who died in of the siege of Anthemi.

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