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 Post subject: Vampyre
PostPosted: Mon Sep 24, 2007 12:59 pm 
NPC - Deity
NPC - Deity
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Alternative subculture: House Belithral (Elven Vampyres)

(As extracted from the "Tome of Necromancy")

Part III : Libris Vampyrica
~*Tome of Immortals*~


A word whispered with dread, with a meaning that fills most mortals with fear.


A being of legend, sung and spoken of in tales and myths.

Her foremost servant.

The most sinister of all undead.

The eternal, unliving one.


The First Vampyre
“It is rumoured that, in 2231 BL, a man whose name was lost long ago had a horrible curse placed upon him.

It was bestowed by a devote follower of Mor'tep. The curse was placed upon the man for not believing in and blaspheming the god. The curse was meant to teach him the follies in his ignorant views but instead it twisted him more and imparted a true hatred for the god Mor'tep.

The curse though, what exactly was it then... and is it now? Vampyrism… the curse placed upon the man was just what it is today. He lost his soul, if it went to Mor'tep is unknown, and to survive he had to feed off the blood of the living. He was immortal…It is said that in the final days of his unlife he saw the faults in his views and his error. As a result of this it is theorized that he placed his body inside of a stone coffin, sealed it, and his body rotted away.

If this was the first vampyre in history it is unknown… but this is the first recorded vampyre of Etaria.”

The Rise of the Five Houses
Around 2300 BL, Mor’tep created five Purebloods whom where placed upon the mortal realm as a warning for mortals not to defy, underestimate nor question Mor’teps existence and power over death. They would serve as lords over his other undead minions, his hand in the mortal realm. But they also had the power of turning mortals whom where willing into vampyres.

Donavan Bloodwing, Gabriel Rediving, Jacob Ebonsoul, Eve Devilshade and Blake Runewing where the first of their kind, yet not the only ones. In the passage of time Mor’tep would come to call more purebloods, or recall them, all depending what He saw necessary.

As vampyres gathered under the five Purebloods, houses began to form that would become symbols of ancient customs and sophisticated ways. This was to be a symbol of 'death amongst the living' and to prove his existence among the gods. The five most known, where the ones formed under the original five Purebloods.

Bloodwind Family - Donavan Bloodwind headed this family. His royal house was placed along the shores of east Tyrania off the coast of the Tethmyr sea, in between the forest of Greendale and what is now known as Middlemourd. Hidden amongst the deep of the forest they prayed on wandering travellers and settlers. Not many are really sure what their goals were but it is said they are the first House to have started the crypt idea. Deep beneath the manor which was the front to their living quarters laid the Bloodwind crypt, the true place which the family dwelled. Even to this day vampyres are known to live in crypts and coffins.

Rediving Family - Gabriel Rediving was a feared name around Chail during this era. His family sought to see the collapse of the government in this land. He did this through an interesting way. Gabriel had many work for him who were not of Vampyric culture. These who served him like this he labelled 'familiars'. Since they had no appearances of evil they could gain political power and weed into the cities and places of power. Once in place Gabriel would use them as his speakers. This ploy was quickly exposed and a bounty was placed on the entire families head. Gabriel swiftly took the family into hiding and vanished from the surface world. It is said he had built elaborate and deep caverns that ran under his manor. His House dwelled in this place until his disappearance, which ended the family's power, 800 years ago.

Ebonsoul Family - Jacob Ebonsoul, ruler of the Third House was known as a tyrant and a horrible curse upon the land. His family was established in between the city of Gwaen and the Southern Forest of Tendril. Mainly he would send his brothers and sisters to capture wanderers in the forests and bring them back to work as slaves. If they were not up to his standards he would have them slain and laid out on the roads as warnings to travellers. Jacob considered what he did a privilege, he was showing all the strength of Mor'tep and his power of death; and the curse that immortality was. Sadly his family were the only ones to see it this way and many raids of town locals and adventurers stormed his manor. Like the rest he to vanished, some 1200 years ago, to this day people still report strange ghostly visages of vampyres roaming the forests in search for victims.

Devilshade Family - Eve Devilshade was the only woman Pure Blood of this era. Her house was established in the city of Talanon. Not many even knew the family to be vampyres as it was a hidden secret up until her disappearance. The family held a grasp on the political junction of the city. It had its hand in all of the trade upon the metropolis. Many worked for the Devilshade family, in fact that is possibly why they were never tied with the strange vampyric killings that would show up once and a while. Eve Devilshade had employed roughly 300 people and her reputation was never scarred. It was even said that she almost became mayor of the city but no one will truly know because she disappeared shortly before the election some 600 years ago.

Runewing Family - The last of the Pure Blood families. Blake Runewing headed this family that was established in Lantorm's Gate. Blake had a vast knowledge of ship and trade between Chail and Tyrania, because of this he would send out large ships, raid and kill, the ships in route to Tyrania. The never fed off of the locals of the city because all of the feeding was done on the crew of the ships just before they were all then thrown into the vast ocean. Many ships feel to this fate and it was not uncommon to hear a tale daily of a ship lost to the vampyric sailors. Most of the time it was said to have been done by faking a fire on the boat, flagging down a ship, and when the boat offered assistance and welcomed the crew on board that is when they struck. Not only did they pirate the open seas but also stole much cargo that did make it to Tyrania. The cargo was then sold to bandits and thieves and sects willing to buy the shipment. This lasted until about 500 years ago when Blake to vanished just like the other Pure Blood families.

Each family of the Pure Bloods held a purpose, be it most were all evil and plagued the cities they dwelled near, they did prove that death was truly in the hands of Mor'tep and that none should doubt his reality. When the Runewing family vanished it brought an end to the era of the vampyric Houses. The next era is most recent and is the rise of the Sects.

The Era of Sects
The Court of the Damned - As time progressed and the era of the Houses collapsed a new era was on the dawn. The Court of the Damned was the first to be noticed. It was mainly a group whose goals were never really discovered by the public. It held the some of the most powerful vampyres known to man. Lead by Lokrinn and Vientra Thenicus, they brought destruction and evil to the city of Chail-Anden and out lying areas. Just until recently when the Law of Undead was passed banning Vampyres and other undead from the city they roamed un-checked. As all things only have there time though so did the Court of the Damned. Soon after the law was passed the sect disbanded and all went there separate ways.

The Forsaken - Unlike the Court of the Damned that began after the Era of the Houses, the Forsaken was founded during that era. The Forsaken was a sect founded by Erivok Frost some 700 years ago. It started out as a haven for vampyres shunned or not accepted by the Houses. It grew though to a society and collective that held prominence through its 700 years of existence. Vastly unknown to the general public, the Forsaken had goals unlike any other sect to this date. It sought to enlarge its size and become a force of the most prominent and powerful vampyres. Like the rest of the Houses, Vampyres, and Sects it too is fundamentally evil. Erivok Frost was no fool and played on the insecure mortals of Etaria, twisting and turning views of the populace to fit his ways.

The Modern Day Vampyre
After the fall of Mor’tep and the rise of Karissa as the Vampyre’s new Deity, many things changed. No longer would they exist as a proof of death’s existence, rather, now they would exist as a defiance of nature. They became what many a mortal always had seen them as, unnatural beings that defied the natural laws. But, unlike under the rule of Mor’tep, the vampyres where no longer soulless. By the grace of their new Goddess, the vampyres where granted their souls and thus became as alike a living being an Undead could ever be.


The Body
Different from a common belief, a vampyre does not need to feed on blood for survival. However, the more well-fed a vampyre is, the more ‘human’ he or she will look. A vampyre whom feeds regularly is hardly distinguishable from a regular mortal, while one who seldom feeds will slowly become more ghoulish in appearance.

This is because the negative energy animating the vampyre and making up their Negative Shadow will slowly eat away at their physical body, combined with the fact that the vampyre’s Undead existence does not stop to decompose. The positive energy in the blood will ‘heal’ its body, keeping it healthy and better looking. They however, will not die from refusing to feed.

Another note of interest is that, when well fed, a vampyre is also capable of using its digest system, thus capable of taking in food and drink should they need to fake being alive. They however do not need to, since their body function ceases when they die and then readapts to fit the Undead existence. As well, this means they do not need to breathe. This mean they can use their full lung capacity when speaking, able to say long phrases before having to pause and refill their lungs with air again. Their cold body would also not change the temperature of the air in their lungs, which would result that their breath would not be seen when its cold outside.

Being Undead, they gain the remarkable trait of never seemingly becoming tired, no matter how hard they work. To this note one can also add that they never seem to suffer from aches of any kind, stiffness, muscular spasms or any other side effect when being active.

After their awakening, a mortal newly turned into a vampyre could feel very strange in comparison to when they were alive. Never tiring when accomplishing a task surely would make the new one feel stronger, faster, smarter and sharper in senses and intellect than he ever felt while still living. The fact that a vampyre as the undead creature it is never tire, its body can take on more stress and give out more strength. There simply isn’t anything that restrains it not to do it and can be at their full capacity as long as they wish without suffering from any negative effects.

This effect could explain why they seem to be faster than most mortals. A living creature can only run at max speed for a limited amount of time, while a vampyre can continue at max speed indefinitely.

Body Odour
A mortals body odour is a mixture of different smells from hair oil, sweat, breath etc. The whole combination of these smells creates a fragrance that is unique for that particular individual. A vampyre, seemingly lacking the body functions to create such scents, therefore smells different. Most important to say, they should have a slight smell of blood around them, especially around their mouth and nose. They could also smell like the surrounding where they spend the most of their time. Perfumed hygiene commodities used by the vampyre are also included, and all these factors would then create the vampyres unique fragrance, though in a different way.

Body Temperature
Undead normally adopts the temperature of the surrounding area, and vampyres seems to be no exception. They seem not to be bothered by heat or cold, able to exist in both climates.
The only time a vampyres body temperature seems to change from the temperature of their surroundings in when feeding. Then their body temperature takes on the same temperature as the body of their victims. The amount of time their temperature is above the surroundings apparently depends on the amount of blood taken.

Blood and Pulse
A vampyres blood indeed has some amazing properties of its own, for example it never coagulates. Another quality is its self-decomposing ability, when in contact with air it changes to a volatile form, which mean spots of vampyre blood evaporates without leaving any marks. In a vampyres body, these qualities certainly have a purpose. The anticoagulant properties of the vampyres blood makes it possible to move freely in its veins and having no pulse they would only loose a small amount of their precious blood if damaged.

Normally, a vampyres has no pulse as its heart ceased to function normally when animated. Now the heart has the task of pumping the blood that the vampyre drinks around the body so that it is equally divided in all parts of its body. But the heart apparently only beats when the vampyre is feeding, taking on the same heartbeat as its victim. When the victim dies, their hearts stops pounding.

Vampires (Non-Playable)

Also called ‘Lesser Vampyres’, the vampires are vampirical undead whose Undead existence is unstable to such a degree they need to feed on blood in order to survive. Thus they are slaves to their need, and prey to their ferocious hunger. While not mindless, they are usually less subtle and calculating than the Vampyres.

Also, unlike vampyres, the vampires are always bound a coffin or similar confinement that they have designated as their ‘haven’. Should they be killed by other means than divine intervention, their Negative Shadows will flee back to its coffin, wherein it will stay for two days and regenerate a new physical body.

Vampire Spawns (Non-Playable)

Even lower than Vampires stand the Vampire Spawns. Mindless like Magical Undead, their sole purpose is serving their Vampyre and Vampire masters. Raised from an intact corpse of an evil being through a ritual only known to the magicians among vampyres, they are capable of more complex instructions than normal Magical Undead and can make simpler decisions however it should not be confused with being true intelligence, rather, should be seen as a sort of ‘programming’ of the Undead that then is memorised.

A Vampire Spawn will only serve its master, and should its master die, the energies holding it together will instantly dissipate and the Undead become a normal corpse. The reason it was categorised among the vampiric Undead and not the Magical Undead is that they suffer a similar malady as the vampires. They need blood in order to continue to function, so the master must either supply its servant with blood regularly, or ‘program’ the servant to hunt for itself.

Dhampirs – Familiars

For a vampyre, it can sometimes be handy having a mortal servant. This mortal servant could then act on the vampyres behalf without raising suspicion, or simply serve as a temporary companion for a lone, undying heart. The reasons are many.

When a vampyre feeds a moral some of its blood three days in a row, the mortal will be bonded with the vampyre. While not necessarily fall in love, the mortal will at least see the vampyre as a very good friend or master, and would feel strongly inclined to do all in its power to help him or her. However, the mortal still retain his free will and consciousness, and as such cannot be commanded like someone affected by a Domination Spell. However, if asked to do something, the mortal would normally be very obliged to comply. One could perhaps compare it as a permanent Charm Spell.

A vampyre cannot have more than three familiars at one given time, and as long as the familiar is regularly given blood from its ‘master’ the bond remains. Should the vampyre stop, the bond will slowly fade away in time. During this time, it is usual the familiar feels depressed over having been ‘abandoned’.

Dhampirs will not receive any special powers while bonded to their masters except feeling healthier and being less susceptible to diseases and other such maladies thanks to the vampiric blood given them. As well, they will age at a slower rate, being able to live up to approximately double their life span as long as they stay bonded. They are, however, still mortals.


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