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 Post subject: Lycanthropes
PostPosted: Thu Aug 23, 2007 7:20 pm 
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Lycanthropes (Lycans)

A Lycanthrope is a being that can change between the form of an animal, or that of a human, while retaining their intelligence. This race was born by the hands of Ath'endel'lynn, to help guard and protect the wonders of her work. By having the ability to shift between the form of a mortal, and that of an animal, they can perform this task for her on two fronts, and often in secrecy.

Though legends of Lycanthropes are often of creatures which are part wolf, and part man, they are actually a race amongst themselves, and can change into any animal that Ath'endal'lynn deems necessary. They do not become a mix of physical traits, but take on a full fledged form of the animal.

Types of Lycanthropes
Though Lycanthropes can be more than one type of animal, Ath'endal'lynn has limited this race of shapeshifters to five different kinds.


These people have the ability to change into a bear, either at will, or when the Bandeth moon is full. Their immense strength sends fear into the hearts of their enemies and, even though not as fast as its wolf and panther counterparts, the large bear can still cover distances in a short amount of time.


These people have the ability to change into a panther, either at will, or when the Bandeth moon is full. With their stealthy nature, strength, and celerity these creatures are perhaps the most balanced of them all, and all the more deadly.


These people have the ability to change into a wolf, either at will, or when the Bandeth moon is full. Their strength, celerity, and mindset of traveling in packs, proves them to be a very dangerous foe, and explain why they are the most common type of the lycanthrope.


These people have the ability to change into a boar, either at will, or when the Bandeth moon is full. Even though small, their durability and fierceness makes them very powerful even for their size.


These people have the ability to change into a badger, either at will, or when the Bandeth moon is full. Though the werebadger is the smallest of them all, its toughness knows no bounds, and their size can easily be used to outwit their prey.

Physical Appearances

Human Form

Lycanthropes, in mortal form, are hardly distinguishable from a human. Although with time and a keen eye of detail, it is often said that you can notice distinct personality traits about them that give hint of their true race. They often keep with them, in human form, the natural instincts and even personality, of their animal side. As the days dwindle down, and the rise of the Bandeth moon gets closer, however, the character traits become more obvious, and slight physical changes to the eyes and physique can be seen as well.

Shapeshifted Form

Bone structure changes to that of the animal they are shifting to. Skin texture changes and fur grows. Fangs emerge, nose protrudes, and ears and tail grow. They still retain their mortal intelligence, however, as well as their ability to speak the common language. The difference between the shifting of Lycanthropes, and that of common druidic shifting, is that a Lycanthrope's ability is innate, can be permanent if they wish of it, and their natural comfort and abilities while in the form the animal is far more advanced.

Becoming a Lycanthrope; True Lycans, and "The Curse" of Lycanthropy.

Lycanthropy is not a disease, as many legends tell of it. True Lycanthropes, are in fact, a race in and of themselves. They are born into nature, same as all other beings. They are blessed creatures of Ath'endel'lynn, true guardians of her domain.

There is, however a "cursed" form of Lycanthropy. One that has sparked the many stories of beasts that are part man, and part animal, raiding the homes of villages to feed on their children. These creatures came into the world long ago, when a group of evil druids of Ath'endel'lynn, masters of shapeshifting called Luhta Kanta, sought to corrupt her magics in order to make stronger guardians for her forests. They used the blood of a true Lycanthrope as one ingrediant in the dark ritual, and forged a creature that was part man and part Lycanthrope. This new form of Lycan was indeed more powerful then the native beings, but the ritual was a failure all the same. Arynaesis, sister and advesery of Ath'endel'lyn, infiltrated one of her followers into the druidic order. This follower implanted several mysterious ingrediants into the ritual's mixture, causing the newly created being to be of chaotic nature. His mind was maddened, and the animal was unstoppable, attacking all who were present, and then fleeing deep into the forests. Those who were wounded by the beast, in turn became infected by this chaotic curse when its blood mixed with theirs, and turned into similar creatures.

Over time, with each attack on a helpless soul by the Luhta Kanta, the curse spread, and more and more people became infected. Their disease desperately needed to be controlled, and so started the beginning of the Cursed War. Eventually the true Lycans, along with the aid of Ath'endel'lyn, Draxil, and their allies the Lupinals, were able to control the spread of the cursed population, and the war ended, but many of them still wander the deep parts of the forests today. Some groups of Luhta Kanta have even become organized, into new clans that seek to use their cursed gift to figtht against the Gods that hold back the growth of their population. They, like true Lycans, are binded to the Bandeth moon, and forced to shift during that timeframe.


The only weakness Lycanthropes seem to have, is silver. This element was made their one weakness, by Ath'endel'lynn, should she have need to extinguish the race for any reason.


Unless the person who is shifting is wearing clothing with magical properties, it will shred and tear off the personls body, leaving them naked when they shift back. But if they are wearing magical clothing or armor of any kind, it will shift with them, and still be intact when they shift back.


Lycanthropes are, in many eyes, close to immortal. They have obtained immunities to both aging and to most physical diseases due to the constant regeneration of their physical tissue. They grow to about their mid to late 20's, in comparison to human years, then remain in that physical condition for the remainder of their lives. But even though that remains true, they must still eat, drink, sleep, and breathe, to survive, and fornicate to procreate. That is where Vampires hold a major advantage over them, and one of the main reasons why they outnumber them as well. When Lycanthropes mate, it is the same procedure as it would be if they were human. They still have to wait a full nine months to give birth, and even then wait another sixteen years of development until the child actually reaches adulthood.


As noted, all Lycanthropes retain their mortal intellect while in their animal form. So the varying degree of their sanity, is no different then the varying degrees of sanity in humans. Cursed Lycans (still refered to as Luhta Kanta by most), however, are always chaotic in nature, and when violently shifted into their beastly forms, are often not in control of their actions in any way. Sometimes, they may not even remember anything from the time period when they were shifted.

Why They Hate Vampyres

Aside from the cursed Lycans, true Lycanthropes are at odds with Vampyres as well. They see Vampyres as unnatural creatures, and thus threatening to nature. In years past, they have often been in competition with the Vampyres of the world when it comes to the growth of population, and the strength of their clans.


Lycans are very much like their animal counterparts, when it comes to the organization of their clans. They often appoint an "Alpha" male or female, to be the leader of the pack, and the values of family are extremely important to them. However, much like their human counterparts, there are those that think for themselves and often depart the traditional ways of their race, traveling the lands alone to do the will of Mother Nature. Some may even be of an evil spirit, and perform the most vile acts in the name of nature and Ath'endel'lyn, thinking that these acts are the only sure way to see to the protection of their Godess' domains.

There are some, although very rare, that turn their back on Mother Nature, and follow the path of another deity, but these Lycanthropes are not common. Part of Ath'endel'lynn is innately placed within them, from birth. Their animal side, which they can never refuse nor deny, nor matter how much they may wish to, and it is for that reason that Ath'endel'lyn is usually recognized by them in one way or another, at the very least.

Most Lycanthropes will never live within a large city, but instead prefer to be as close to nature as possible, often living out in the open forests, or in hand-made shelters of some sort. Caves are favorable to the larger clans of Lycanthropes.

Playable Requirements:
- Only true Lycanthropes, are classified as a playable race. Cursed Lycans (Luhta Kanta) are for NPC use only.
- Only one of the animals listed above, can be used for this race.
- Must be a follower of Ath'endal'lynn
- Must choose "human" race, then select Lycanthrope (*include type of Lycanthrope here in parenthesis*) as the sub-race.
- Must be a lawful alignment

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PostPosted: Thu Sep 20, 2007 8:20 pm 
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