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The tome you hold in your hands bears a heavy weight and is inscribed front and back with strange symbols; pentagrams and eye-shapes, pyramids and runes. At your touch the runes upon it glow faintly; opening it within the script is written in some animal's blood as well as ink and is flowing and delicate. Within the pages, as well, flipping thru the tome masterfully crafted artwork portraying various demons and those of their kind lie within. Astral charts also mark some of the pages as well. Turning to the first page, it begins:

"To those of mortal race:

The tome you hold in your hands bears the names and titles, as well as affiliations and domains, of many of the lesser demons of the Fallen Plane; and some names, which shall not be uttered here, of the greater beings that reside in the Hells. These, are Demons, godlike in power in some, others lesser but all powerful beyond mortal imagining. Know this, and take care lest you invoke powers beyond your understanding..."

The introduction, while short, leaves the reader with curiosity as well as apprehension. On the following page a picture accompanies the script:

Akos - demon of shipwrecks

This demon, a lesser being only moderately more powerful than a well-endowed mortal mage, is often invoked by ritual or utterance by superstitious sailors. He is known to be a demon that delights in mischief; is often associated with water and rivers and seas, and is blamed for many calamitous occurrences that happen on sailing ships. Whether he truly exists or not, however, is left up to the individual. Nonetheless, many sailors say they have felt a mysterious presence on their ships shortly before crashing into an iceberg or perilous rocks on the coast. Others yet who are involved in a shipwreck and survived say they have seen a strange bird, like a seagull yet much larger and with plumes at its neck, flying high above the ship and uttering strange bestial cries shortly before the shipwreck occurred.

Abnormax - demon of eggs

This lesser demon is often portrayed as a human figure with a roosters head, and serpents at its feet. He/she is sometimes blamed for eggs cracked that yield yolk mixed with blood. Some scholars and mystics claim this demon, is in fact, a Demon, a being of godlike power, who holds the duality of existence in his right hand; good and evil, angel and devil, man and woman. Despite this claim he is most often associated with birds and those creatures that lay eggs.

Anamalech - demon of bad news

Some say only one thing travels faster than light; bad news. This lesser demon is often associated with word of a parent or family member's death, an increase in taxes, or other such unfortunate revelations. His domains, among students of occult lore, include unfortunate occurrences, mocking laughter, and deviant behaviour among children. He is most often portrayed as a bearded man with three eyes(his third eye being in the middle of his forehead) holding a book or parchment in his right hand.

Askorion - demon of spies and informers

Betrayal or espionage is often linked with this devil. She is most often portrayed as a succubus like creature yet with four arms. Her sigil is the cloak and dagger. Those who have betrayed their guild or order are often said to be fostered by her good graces.

Arachula - demon of adultery

Those who betray their wives or lovers for another’s bed are often said to have her mark. A succubus of almost impossibly overcome charm, she often deigns to manipulate and coerce husbands and wives to seek another in lust. Her domains are said by scholars to be those of adultery, divorce, and orphanage. Children who are the victims of divorce or adulterous parents may hear her whisper in their ears at night.

Broth - demon of ignorance

Those who have lost their memories by the affliction of amnesia are said to be touched by this demon. He is most often depicted as a human face with a hand over each eye and mouth as well as hands covering the ears. Divisions between races and tribes as well as witch-hunts and blind piety are said to be caused by this one’s touch. However such divisions and strife are so numerous and often that just one demon could not possibly cause them all.

Byleth (Boloth, Volon, Vareth, other derivations too lengthy to mention; the translation Byleth may be in error) - demon of psychosis

Those afflicted by madness, hallucinations, or visions are said to be cursed by this demons will. Depicted as a lion’s head within a wheel where the rim and spokes are covered in eyes, Byleth is said by mystics to grant revelations and discoveries to those who study science or magic. More often this demon is associated by common folk with dementia, insanity, and perversions of truth. A shaman I discovered living in a secluded hut, who was most likely insane, told me once that Byleth is in fact a Demon full-fledged, and that his realm extended to all that pertains to the link between mind and senses. Astral projection, he said, as well as accurate(or more commonly inaccurate) divinations are part of his domain. This man further went on to claim he had written parts of the Lunata Codex, but that much of it was lost. Such claims demand close scrutiny; in my opinion this demon may not even exist.

Babyzolx - demon of thorns

This one’s sigil is most often depicted as a bleeding hand grasping a rose by the stem. He is known as demon of brambles, thorns, and the dangerous or perilous side of nature.

Boloreos - demon of selfish pride

Kings and rulers are said to often succumb to this demons influence. He delights in causing the mighty to fall due to blindness or bad judgement as a result of overbearing pride. As pride is an emotion of both mortal and divine intellect he is sometimes portrayed as a greater Demon who resides within the heart of mortal and god alike.

Bol-Logontat - demon of profanities

The uttering of curses or swear words lies under this demons influence. It is most often portrayed as an open mouth full of worms, maggots, and slugs.

Bothua - demon of lust

Yet another demon that manifests in the emotions of both god and mortal, this demon is said to reside in every man or woman’s bedchamber. She is a succubus and delights in the sounds and vulgar acts of taboo sexual practices or rituals. She is most often portrayed as a very beautiful, naked woman with full breasts and wide hips, with men fawning at her feet and a whip in her right hand.

Bhaloth - demon of covetousness

Jealousy of material goods, friendship, or courtship, are said to be in his domain. His delight lies with those who stew and fester with jealousy over their neighbor’s goods.

Bothog - demon of greed

Sister and consort of Bhaloth, Bothog is known by her sign of a woman adorned in riches and surrounded by fawning men and gold and treasures.

Chug-hachi - demon of hunger

Beggars and the poor who often go without food for days or weeks are said to be cursed by this one. His sign is that of a poor man reaching for a cluster of grapes that is just out of reach.

Cham - demon of choking

Those who have died by choking are said to be caused by this demons attention. The vulgar acts of vomiting and defecating are also said to be within his realm.

Choth - Greater Demon

A mighty devil, this one rose to power from some nameless place and manifested upon the physical realm. He caused great turmoil and terrorized the lands before an alliance of all faiths and the might of the god Raekhan returned him to dust.

Coagul - demon of smoke

The chemical reactions that occur when wood or other materials are subject to flame is said to be within the realm of this demons power. As is typical of demonic lore, many hold this demon in superstition and thieves often invoke him to make their profession proceed in a stealthy and efficient manner, "like smoke." He is depicted most often as a black cloud rising from an inverted tear signifying flame.

Dagon - Prince of Pain

A topic of much debate. Dagon, called the Prince of Pain, is said to hold a Throne on the Fallen Plane and command many lesser demons. He is said to be a Demon of such might that not even several of the gods together could destroy him in combat. His domains, in much speculation, are Pain, Suffering, Misery, and Affliction. He is said to take delight in presiding over torture of some lost soul and personally taking a role in causing suffering and misery untold upon his victims.

Dalos - demon of warts

The unsightly appearance of warts or pimples are said to be caused by this demon. Her realm also reaches into that of puberty, adolescence, and the unnatural

Dhagaa - demon of stillborn

The unfortunate happening of a miscarriage or a dead baby are said to be the cause of Dhagaa.

Dumo - demon of bestial copulation

The sounds and vulgar acts of sex among beasts and animals is said to be this demon's delight. He is sometimes depicted as a man with a cats head. Furthermore, upon closer scrutiny into this demon's domain, he is also affiliated with cats. This may be because of the loud, raucous, and violent attributes that define feline sexual intercourse; a single female cat is often surrounded by many male suitors and after each one in turn mates with her she often retaliates after the act with loud cries and bared claws. Thus some scholars and mystics claim that Dumo is, in fact, demon of cat-kind, and the glowing eyes of felines are attributed to the flames of the Fallen Plane being resident in such beasts, a reflection of Dumo's influence.

Ebola - demon of cancerous affliction

Cancer, disease, sickness; these are the domains of Ebola, a demon of such power that some have claimed she is in fact a Lord of the Abyss. She is most often portrayed as a repulsive hag with black wings and maggots crawling from her mouth and orifices. Those whose loved ones are afflicted by disease or illness often in superstition invoke her to keep their loved ones from dying. This is counter to reason, as Ebola delights in death from such afflictions, but typical of the superstitious minded. Nonetheless, close scrutiny is demanded by this entity, for her domain is so common in manifestation in the mortal realm that only a Greater Demon could possibly be the cause of such malignities.

Ekesh - demon of bloodletting

The ritual of bloodletting is said to be under this one's domain. The spilling of blood in combat or strife, is furthermore attributed to its acumen; some mystics and demonologists claim Ekesh' domain is Blood itself. This claim should be investigated further; a mystic I once spoke to claimed Ekesh was actually a Throne among demonkind, a Lord of the Abyss, and that It's domain included Blood, Soul, and Essence. The soul, he said, resides in the blood, and thus Ekesh claimed mastery of the souls of mortals and owned many lost souls who provided it with untold power by the pain they endured by flame and torment in the Hells.

Fyst - demon of campfires

Dark rangers and those who venture into the woods often invoke this demon to protect them from beast and peril of the wild at night. His symbol is a pile of wood below an inverted tear symbolizing flame.

Fag-lohk - demon of small bushy animals

Squirrels, rabbits, badgers, and other such small creatures are said to be possessed at times by this demon. Those who follow nature’s path, namely druids and rangers, furthermore deny this beings existence if they know of it; like Saa and Gexel a demon whose domain resides in that of the natural world is unthinkable to them. The lemming, a creature known to seem to commit mass suicide by legions of them plunging off a cliff or precipice, is said to be the chief creature of this demon's domain.

Gexel - demon of shrubbery

Like Saa, most druids or rangers who hear of this being also deny its existence. That such a demon, they argue, could be manifest in the order of the natural world is unthinkable. Nonetheless this demon is often associated with bushes or plants that make up shrubbery. He is most often depicted as a pool of worms in a hole under some rocks, or a herring. He is said to cause accidents happen when a citizen or person prunes their vegetation.

Gnihubbo - demon of ambition

Said to be a brother of Boloreos, this demon resides within the young man who has just reached adulthood or the bard who sings tales of glory and perfects his craft. The mighty as well as the weak are prone to his guile. Those who desire immortality, fame, or even godhood are said to be under his influence.

Gugotho - demon of extortion

Those who follow such shady or bullying arts as extortion are said to be fostered by Gugotho's good graces. His brother, Gharl, is said to be closely allied with him.

Gharl - demon of bullies

Those who maintain only the mighty have the right to survive often unknowingly invoke this demon's power. Gharl, brother of the demon Gugotho, is patron demon of bullies and street thugs. He finds his realm in random beatings or oafish behaviour.

Gogos - demon of mutual hatred

A lesser demon of markedly weak power, those who hate each other viciously are said to be afflicted by Gogos touch once they begin to exchange blows.

Git'tith - demon of the number 23

Numerologists I have met throughout the Frozen North often invoke this demon before their rituals or studies. The number 23, mystical in significance, is often portrayed as signifying life, a thread, chaos, and death(in which there is an inherent paradox).

Hothol - demon of the forge

Superstitious blacksmiths often invoke this being to keep their forges hot. He is said to be a demon of flame as well, and manifests as such as an elemental spirit made completely of fire, taking on a man-shape. Craftsmen and smiths alike have sometimes attributed success or failure in creating a sword or a horse-shoe to this demon's influence.

Ihago - demon of parrots

Pirates and sea captains sometimes believe that the seemingly intelligent utterances of their feathery companions are caused by this demons possession of such creatures. The fact that parrots and some other birds can sometimes speak in mortal tongues(often repetitiously or inanely) can only be explained, some say, by possession in the bird of vile intellect.

Kekephama - demon of gibberish

Infantile or incomprehensible utterances are said to be the work of this demon.

Kakabel - demon of incantation

Mages and sorcerers often invoke this demon before casting their spells. He is said to grant dexterity and grace to the act of spell casting in its verbal component.

Kont - demon of recklessness

Daredevils, risk-takers, and gamblers are sometimes said to be possessed by Kont. He delights in the dangerous acts or reckless disregard for life and limb of such people, and is said to whisper to them in their minds, urging them to seek more and more dangerous situations.

Lothish - demon of blasphemy

Those who utter profane and nameless things often may be possessed by this demon. She delights in vulgar or disgusting words that insult, hurt, or lay blame on the powers that be as well as the gods. As such Lothish is sometimes blamed for such utterances of the tongue and her symbol, furthermore, is that of a tongue protruding from a mouth with a needle stuck through it.

Lobosu - demon of benediction

The claim that Lobosu is in fact a demon is met with much debate. Some believe he is a celestial agent of Tyllar; others claim it is not a demon but a celestial agent of such and such a god. Nonetheless, demonologists and dark priests invoke this entity at the close or beginning of their sermon. It's sign is that of a white cloth wrapped around a bell.

Liombo - demon of comatose states

Those who suffer a coma are said to be caused by this demon's malign influence. It was further claimed, by a man I shall call Confuto (who perhaps was also mad), that a man or woman who lies in a coma is actually in state of astral projection wherein the body remains on the physical realm and the spirit or soul resides elsewhere throughout the planes. Those who come out of a coma, often display no sign that they remembered anything while in that state, but some have claimed to have visited the Fallen Plane. This claim shall be investigated further by the author.

Lamabuz - demon of malevolent poetry

Authors of veiled threats or dark and sinister musings are said to be guided by the hand of Lamabuz. Her domains include Poetry, Language, and Profanities. She is said to be the master of Bol-Logontat, Lothish, and Ihago, and some claim she is in fact a Greater Demon. The strife and wars caused by a failure to communicate legibly is said to be her doing.

Liv - demon of cattle

The cow, in all its bovine docility, is said to be beloved by this demon. Matadors are wary of her guile, and invoke her to be in her good graces before a performance.

M'azharth - demon of ashes

Fyst and Coagul are both closely related to this demon; some claim they are one entity of three faces. The ashes of the dead are often inscribed on the urn with this demon's name as a sort of superstitious blessing on the part of the invoker.

Mothulog - demon of failed crops

Farmers and those who live off the land often curse this demon's name. He is said to be a demon of the seasons, perhaps a Greater Demon, and failed crops are attributed to his will.

Melkoros - demon of brawn

Those who practice physical warfare are often superstitious enough to invoke him before training or a battle. He is most often depicted as a supremely muscular man with hooves instead of feet and lifting a boulder over his head.

Methos - demon of deja vu

The haunting and disturbing aspect of an experience that seems to have been divined or occurred once before is said to be caused by this demon's influence. He is also closely related to Coagul.

Mute - demon of reincarnation

Those who claim past lives are said to be under her spell. The widely speculative nature of such a topic as reincarnation makes the studying of this demon an exercise in tediousness and willpower. In fact, such a being may not even exist. Nonetheless those who have had visions of lives in the distant past or memories that are not their own claim to have been visited in their dreams by a cloaked, hooded figure of ambiguous identity.

Muth-Labben - demon of bestial might

Muth-Labben is most often portrayed as a great wolf or bear like creature with dripping fangs and steel spikes in place of fur. Like Saa and the aforementioned demons, Muth-Labben is vehemently denied by druids and woodsmen. Wolverines are said to be his favourite guise.

Mastiphal - Prince of Darkness

Here we come across a very debated and often ridiculed topic. The supposition that Mastiphal is, in fact, a Greater Demon, one of the Lords of the Nine Layers of the Abyss, has been met widely with scepticism and denial by many scholars of such dark matters. The few that claim he is in fact a Lord among demons and rival to the gods are met with open hostility, violence, even death, by those evil ones who study such matters in depth, claiming blasphemy. His sign is a four faced head; one is a hawk, the others a human, goat, and bull's face. Most striking about this entity is his emphasis of the number four. It brings to mind the four tenets of Melivar, as well as all the chaotic meanings found in various occult and numerological orders revolving around that number. His domains, purportedly, are Chaos, Darkness, Lies, and Slander.

Nalaa (Nah-mon; Namaah) - demon of material loss

The poor and those who have lost their fortune due to unfortunate circumstances are said to be cursed by this demon.

Necronomoxos - demon of skeletal remains

This demon is widely invoked for divining purposes. Shamans of the Frozen North, who often employ divination by the rolling of bones, are said to invoke this demon before such an act in order to better commune with the spiritual or demonic realms of their expertise. He is most often depicted as a ram's skull with a snake wrapped about it.

Nixon - demon of doors

Gates and doorways are sometimes inconspicuously inscribed with this demon's name. The mystical aspect of this demon, such as gateways and doors to other realms of metaphysical or "higher consciousness" aspects, make the claims that Nixon is a Lord of the Planes somewhat plausible.

Ne'hiloth - demon of whispers

This nocturnal demon is often said to plague its victims with strange, incomprehensible messages delivered as whispers in the mind, or less frequently, in actual aural manifestation. Ne'hiloth, therefore, is often blamed for insanity or loss of will in mortals. Only Methos and Byleth(a perhaps dubious rendition of that name) are said to cause more insanity in their victims than Ne'hiloth. Nonetheless, many a child has woken in the night after hearing strange whispers throughout their room and gone to tell their parents about it. As such he is often blamed as "the monster under the bed" or "the monster in the closet" claimed by young ones.

Omog - demon of tactical warfare

The art of warfare is said to be the delight of Omog. Once called the Betrayer, Omog pitted many of demon army against overwhelming odds in contest for a Throne among the layers of the Abyss. Despite being outnumbered, by tactical espionage and his overbearing intellect in matters of warfare he won the battle and claimed a Throne for himself, usurping the Throne of another demon. This, however, is only legend. Whether or not Omog is indeed a Demon of godlike power and possessor of a Throne on the Fallen Plane is only speculation. Nonetheless generals and leaders often invoke him to gain greater insight into their plans of battle.

Orax - demon of lost companions

It is said that when you are haunted by ghosts of your past friends, this demon has some role in it. His sign is that of a silhouette holding a pomegranate in his right hand and a sickle in his left. Mystics claim he can take on the form of people you once know yet are deceased, and can drive men insane by such manifestations.

Olo-Topos (Tzopos) - demon of footprints

Cattle mutilation in which no footprints are found despite muddy ground about are said to be the work of Tzopos. When he does wish to be known, giant cloven-hoofed footprints may be found by those who have invoked him.

Ptah - demon of the sunset

The coming of night is heralded by the cry of the Owl, which is this demons sign. He is most often depicted as an owl-headed man with three faces. The mystically significant period of time in which a sunset occurs is often the time such mystics invoke Ptah or other demons and gods in hopes of greater blessing.

Palor - demon of snow

Closely related to Olo-Topos, the wary adventurer who finds footprints of the snow that abruptly stop after being followed are said to be the victims of this demon's guile. His domains include Frost, Ice, and Winter.

Premgothos - demon of knowledge

Premgothos is still, after many centuries, a topic of heated debate. It is claimed by some that Premgothos is a lesser demon summoned by the will of Jaerik, god of knowledge, to aid him in his lore-seeking. As such Premgothos is often described as a being of profound knowledge and intellect of matters both mundane and divine. Whether or not he is a familiar of Jaerik is up for debate.

Rho-Phug - demon of brutality

The occasional brutal beating to death of a hapless man in the streets or bar brawls are said to be the work of this demon. Some claim his domains include that of War and Combat.

R'yauruggh - demon of paranoia

Brother of Byleth, this demon is said to curse his victims with labyrinthine thoughts of grand conspiracies and dark alliances. The man who claims that the Kings Royal lancers are in fact, all and every one demon worshippers, or the child who insists his parents are feeding him poison, are said to be under this demons curse. As such R'yauruggh is often blamed for fits of insanity in young and old alike.

Rog - demon of anvils

The blacksmith often inscribes this demons name on their anvils. Closely related to Hothol, much superstition surrounds him. Some blacksmiths refuse to do their work without invoking him first.

Roman - demon of shields

The warrior who takes up his shield sometimes secretly inscribes this demons name on their armament, in hopes of greater protection in combat. Roman is also noted for his similarities as demon of Warfare and Protection. Amulets of Roman are sold by many magic stores or apothecaries.

Sergu - demon of jesters

The king's jester or the silly bard both invoke this demon before a performance. Some say she causes madness, others that she is not a demon but a celestial agent of Drigen, and others yet that she does not exist.

Sah-mon - demon of itchiness

Hives or rashes are attributed to Sah-mon's influence.

Sephiroth (Severoch, Saaphos) - Prince of Hate

Yet another topic of heated debate. The claim that this entity is a Lord of the Fallen Plane is met by close scrutiny and speculation by many a sage or student of demonic lore. Nonetheless he is often portrayed as a goat headed, cloven footed man carrying a great double axe and with flaming eyes. He is said to be the demonic equivalent of Raekhan; a being manifest with Hate and Rage. Demonically endowed barbarians and berserkers are said to be worshippers of Sephiroth. In contrast with Raekhan, Sephiroth is more commonly attributed to wild or unprovoked Rage or Hate and as such is sometimes affiliated with Muth-Labben; where bestial animosity is commonplace.

Stellas - demon of the octaves

Demon of the number 8, this being is said to reside in the stars. The sacred octahedron is said to be his symbol. The music of the cosmos is said to be the voice of Stellas in astral aspect; and as such some have claimed he is a Lord of the Abyss. Numerologists are often fascinated or enamored by him, as well as some bard's who know of his existence as the octave is a common musical component.

Sabog (Shab-Logoth, Schabo) - demon of lost intellect

Those who have lost their mind or suffer from senility sometimes curse Sabog. He is said to cause feeblemindedness or a blank mind when the victim is in the middle of a speech or performance.

Stolentora - demon of animal sacrifice

The ancient rituals of animal sacrifice have been around for Millennia. That a demon presides over such a tribal and primitive practice is not surprising. For some reason, sacrificing an animal in worship of this demon is said to be offensive to him and the perpetrator may meet with an untimely fate if such an act is carried out.

Saa - demon that entices into the woods

The enigma that surrounds this entity, in most cases described as either a marilith or succubus, holds to this day. Many druids claim there is no such being when presented with evidence of her existence, and reply with vehement denial that nature could be home to any demon. Nonetheless, Saa is associated most often with trees, especially withering, dead, or twisted ones, and she is said to bestow haunting dreams upon her victims. I, myself, have been subject to such a dream. I remember the dream quite well though it happened many years ago. I dreamt of a tree by a river. In the air there was a sort of lyrical vibration, not so much a sound as a feeling, a sort of strange music, and a profound imprint of evil that resided within the withered tree by the river. This, perhaps, is one proof of her existence.
The lure of the wild is felt most often among rangers and druids who reside within. The lure of Saa, however, is said to be twisted and most definitely evil in essence. This is, perhaps, what separates her from nymphs or dryads. That this entity is a demon, however, is still in debate.

Soal - demon of runes

A lesser demon of power, Soal is said to be master of all runic knowledge. As runes are so common, on armor or parchment, in arcane rituals or practices, some claim he is a greater Demon. Nonetheless it is generally agreed by demonologists of all walks of life that Soal is only moderately more powerful than a divinely gifted mortal. Some claim the Dark Star is actually a gateway into Soal's realm; however, claims of astral manifestations among demons is very rare and the idea that such a well-known yet dreaded cosmic entity is in the domain of a demon is most often denied by scholars.

Tlathi - demon of the color red

The color red, which in some colors signifies Love; in others Rage, is said to be the delight of Tlathi. She is most often portrayed as a red haired, red eyed woman clad in red silk that fits to her shapely form quite well. It is generally agreed that Tlathi is a succubus and her domains may also include Lust, Copulation, and Bodily pleasures.

Than - demon of thralls

Slaves and prisoners are said to be under this one’s power. Slave owners sometimes invoke Than in superstitious ritual to maintain their slave’s continuity as such and to prevent them from escaping. Also, those magic users who specialize in controlling the mind or will are sometimes invokers of Than.

Tzit - demon of flies

Mosquitoes, horseflies, and dung flies are all said to be secret agents of this demon. Their multi-faceted eyes are said to be gateways into the netherworld of this demon's power. He is most often depicted as a male bust with fly eyes and antennas on his head.

Tammok - demon of drunkenness

Drunken revelry and bar-room brawls are this demons expertise. Some say he resides in the drink itself, of any form of alcohol; and as such his domains sometimes include: Revelry, Celebration, Wine, and Orgies.

Ud'gushlitha - demon of draconic heritage

The idea that this entity is a demon and not a very ancient dragon is met with scepticism. Most scholars claim Ud'gushlitha is an ancient derivation of a name that refers to a very old, wise, and powerful ice dragon who resides in the Bitter Pole. Nonetheless those who discover that their lineage traces back to draconic blood sometimes invoke him before battle or prayer.

Vag - demon of empty thoughts

An author suffering from writer's block or a bard who is at a loss in composing new songs is said to be under this demon's curse. His shape is portrayed as a vague shadow of somewhat man-like appearance or a folded ink blot. Some say this demon is in fact a Lord of the Abyss and presides over the Void that lies beyond the Creator's influence.

Voal - demon of worms

This demon is sometimes associated with Tzit. He presides over worms and maggots, which are his creatures, and is most often portrayed as a man with feet submerged in a hole full of them. He is sometimes also affiliated with Disease or Affliction and is thus sometimes said to be an ally of Ebola.

Y'kigaki - demon of telepathy

Those who receive messages from "higher intellects" or believe they can hear other's thoughts are said to be cursed(or gifted) by this demon. He is sometimes also affiliated with Paranoia and Madness.

Yog-thai - demon of banality

Primitive, vulgar, or taboo rituals and practices are said to be under this demon's domain.

Zopos - demon of relentless onslaught in war

Barbarians and reckless fighters sometimes invoke this demon before or during a battle. Those who brook no quarter and take no prisoners may invoke him as well; but those who follow such a reckless lifestyle are often met with death and taken by the Black River.

Turning to the last page of the book the tome ends with a last word of the author:

These are only a handful of the forces claimed to reside in the Fallen Plane. Many more demons in my studies were too trivial or too speculative to include in such a digest, and as such much demonic lore is still out there waiting to be discovered by those with the audacity to search them out. By no means is this book complete; it is up to the reader to add more to their knowledge and seek out occult lore. But the demons and beings described herein may very well be real; and to invoke their power may be a grave error. Know this, and beware...

Centuries wane, authority dies
Scattering seeds of ancient lies
The nightmare comes in sinister rouge...


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