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 Post subject: The Last of the Tyranese
PostPosted: Mon Dec 03, 2007 8:36 pm 
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The Last of the Tyranese

There exists on the continent of Etaria, a proud but shattered people. They are the Tyranese exiles. At the hands of betrayal by some of their own soldiers to the Sinestrath their empire was torn apart and conquered, its legacy as a great and often noble empire cut short. The Conquerers, had become the conquered and the scattered.

Before this however, in the face of unrelenting combat which stretched across the continent, their Emperor had the foresight to begin evacuating them from Tyrania across the great ocean to an abandoned island unknown to their enemies. This less than optimistic plan, was in the hopes that Tyranese civilization would not be extinguished by the sword that fell upon them.

Tyran Brotherhood

All of the refugees or exiles are bound together by the brotherhood, which preserves their customs and heritage and unites this far flung and often isolated people. As the Tyranese are spread across Amethius and the mainland it is often difficult to maintain links between distanced communities and as such it is up to the Tyran Brotherhood to try and bind the Tyranese together, lest their identity is lost.

Nearly all Tyranese can claim membership of the brotherhood and many often attend the various meetings organised. It also contributes gold towards helping the destitute refugees of Tyran find a place to live and work, an important charitable work for those who have often lost everything.


Name: Sovereignty of Amethius
Common Folk: Tyranese/Amethians
Government: Monarchy
Head of State: Sovereign Auron Tiberius Nmmi
Head of Government: The Imperial Court
Capital: Amethius

Amethius is the last refuge of the Tyranese people. The Last Province of the Empire of Tyran, though are of mind to call it such.

The foolishly proud call the Sovereignty of Amethius, Last City of the Empire.

The optimistic call it Amethius, City of Hope.

The weary call it Amethius, the only place to call home.

It is a place of hope in the face of misery, a place of aspirations for the future which may heal the pain of the past. It was here the Tyranese navy fled and where its last surviving legions retreated. Here you will find its few remaining loyal subjects are reduced to an agrarian existence for the most part as they try to rebuild what they have lost. The island is a muted place, covered mostly in forests with a few fertile floodplains scattered among rolling hills, a cold chilly wind often slices across its surface. Many secrets seem to lurk inside the forests and crumbling dwarf structures can be glimpsed in the mountains that form the islands centre. The Tyranese have mostly ignored these, as they struggle to rebuild even a meagre fragment of their independent civilization.

The only proud stone structure is a crumbling Dwarf outpost, converted to a temple to Tyllar. The rest of the buildings are strong structures of wood, built often into the ground while others reach higher into the sky. There is a strong sense of practicality and the buildings reflect the resoluteness of the people. There is no lavish marble of the old capital, nor is there the bustle of snobbish nobles, there is but the quiet determined sound of people trying to build a new life far from a lost home.

There are a few Imperial families in the city, those with a warm heart who survived the tribulations of the past few years. They reside in compounds much as they did before, what wealth they have left devoted to the people they once so pompously presided over.

The Sovereign Emperor himself and the authorities of the city reside aboard the flagship, tethered almost permanently to the harbour. The rest of the Imperial fleet is similarly tethered to the harbour for long durations, though some of the smaller vessels conduct patrols and shuffle citizens to different parts of the island or help escort the fledgling fishing fleet.

Even if the homeland is never reclaimed, Aurelius has in many eyes a future filled of hope, that it itself can become a great centre of Tyranese civilization. Perhaps a nation built upon something other than granduer and arrogance, both of which they no longer have.

The Armour of The Empire
The usual hallmark of the Emperors of Tyran, has been their distinctive highly ornate armour. Auron Tiberius Nmmi however, refuses to wear it in any situation other than fighting the Sinestrath. Thus, it is rarely adorned at present, usually kept in the Vault aboard the Flagship.

Legion of the Lost Horizon/Order of the Light

Aurelius is far from undefended, Its navy while stagnant and undermanned still has potent vessels constructed from a time when Tyran was more than a destitute city state. It is also defended by the Last Legion, those soldiers who were either exiled by the Sinestrath or retreated along with the refugees to Amethius. Some refer to it as the Order of the Dawn Bringers, in the hopeful mindset that it will one day be the army that ends the long Tyranese night.

While relatively few in number the Lost Horizon is made up of experienced veterans, who fought the Sinestrath bitterly until the end and it is this experience that is its main strength. Sadly, it suffers from a shortage of youth as few younger men can afford to leave the fields unattended.

Sons of Tyran

While most Tyranese can be described as bitter and weary of outsiders, the Sons of Tyran take it further into outright desire for vengeance. It is a group shrouded from the knowledge of most. Made up of those who take a more proactive stance for the Tyranese, they seek to one day reclaim what was once theirs by any means necessary. When the Sinestrath conquered Tyran, the Inquisition scattered and fled fading into obscurity. Some of the remnants however, many with contacts across both continents banded together to form the Sons of Tyran. Many are smugglers, sneaking in goods to support resistance movements that ocassionally flicker with life across Tyran, others are spies, assasins and diplomats.

Bound not by the laws of any land and answering only to a secret cabal of senior Tyranese they spin their web across Etaria and Tyrannia. Their goal is the liberation of the homeland and the destruction of the Sinesrath and their influence. Often working entirely alone or in small tightly knit groups this organisation actively works towards the downfall of all those tainted by Sinesrath, whether they be active collaborators or peasants with no other choice but compliance, it matters little to the zealous Sons of Tyran.

At times they ally with the Order of Light, revealing themselves only as members of the Inquisition, but much of the time they work alone. Many of its members are not of the nefarious bent while others are twisted by the injustice wrought upon them into foul beings capable of justifying any means to satisfy their goals. Others still look unkindly upon Etarian’s, putting some measure of blame upon them, spinning a web of revenge for their perceived part in their homelands downfall.

The looseness of the organisation is sometimes its weakness but more often its strength and while each Son of Tyran has differing means of executing their plans they all share the singular goal, to avenge the throne of Tyran, to avenge the Sons and Daughters of Tyran and to seek Vengeance upon the Sinesrath and their agents.

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PostPosted: Wed Dec 19, 2007 12:23 am 
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