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 Post subject: Erri'l
PostPosted: Sun Aug 26, 2007 6:16 am 
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Erri’l are hunters. Felines, which walk on two legs. They are sometimes mistaken for Ri’asa by ignorant people, but they are much more feline in appearance and behaviour. It is not known what or where they originate from, but it is believed that they are at least related to the ri’asa.

Nature and Families
Erri’l live in uninhabited forests and woodlands, preferably on their own. They are very solitary, and very capable of taking care of themselves. As stated above, they are hunters, and eat almost only meat. As the cats they so resemble, they are also very inquisitive and playful. They have an affinity for collecting strange trinkets, either because they look fun, they seem usable, or as toys. If they find something interesting, they examine it with all senses possible. Sight, hearing, smelling, touch and taste.

If an erri’l doesn’t want to be helped, it is unwise to do it anyway. It will believe that you don’t trust it to do things right, that you have no confidence in its competence. And that, they see as a grave insult. After all, they are raised to take care of themselves. If an erri’l believes or realizes it cannot complete a task alone, it will ask for help, never otherwise. They are proud of their skills and never do things in half measures.

They don’t care much for the actions of man, as long as it doesn’t involve the erri’ls homes, hunting grounds or cubs. They are very protective of their own cubs. Erri’l tend to like children, be they erri’l cubs or any other race, they are more playful and cuter than grown ups.

As mentioned above, they live solitary. Unless it’s a mating period or they have cubs, they live alone. The females get fertile once every year, and if they mate they get 1-2 cubs. The male most often stays only until the cubs are born, then she will try to drive him away. While the female is pregnant, the male will do all the hunting. The cubs will stay with the mother until they are about 12 years old, and are adults at about age 15. An erri’l rarely lives past 50. Females grow faster than males. During the mating season, they behave much like wild cats. The details I’ll let you find out on your own.

Erri’l and the Gods
The most commonly worshipped gods are:
Draxil, for their affinity with beasts and their own legacy
Drigen, for their playfulness
Jaerik, for their inquisitiveness
and Ath'endal'lynn, for their closeness with nature.

Erri’l are not very devout, but they often have some kind of shrine or symbol to honor the god they revere. This is one of the causes there aren’t many spellcasting erri’l. They are rarely devoted enough to become clerics or paladins.

Language, Communication and Names
Erri’l have no language to call their own. However, when they pronounce words they have a special accent due to their unique mouth anatomy. They have vocal cords, but their mouths are formed almost as a big cat’s. This gives them a hard time pronouncing letters like b, p, m, f and v. Their R’s are usually long and ‘rolling’.

To show that they are content, they purr. They have the special bones in their throats that smaller cats have. This is a pleasant and delightful sound. When they are angry or scared, their fur stands on end, and they show their teeth, sometimes hissing like a cat does, and their tails whip about.

Their names are often short and simple, and almost always contain either r, a, n or o. Each individual chooses the name when they come of age. As they grow older, another name is often added, reflecting what they aim for in life, or some deed they accomplished.

They are humanoid in shape, but that’s as far as the similarities go. They are covered in fur all over, which is often in a lighter hue on their abdomens and palms. The fur colors vary from white to brown or even orange, i.e. ‘normal housecat’. Sometimes, however not often, they are tabby colored. It is most common to have only one color all over. Their heads resemble that of a cat, though slightly more human, with shorter muzzles and quite large cat ears, which give them a very sharp hearing. They also have hair, like a human, which most often matches their fur color. Their eyes are feline, and it is quite common that the eyes have two different colors. Their eyes reflect light as well, just like cats. This gives them quite good low-light vision.

They grow to be about 1.50-1.60 m in length, and rarely longer than that. They are very lithe and fast, much like cats.

Their feet are more like paws, with retractable claws. Their hands can be used to manipulate objects like a human’s, but they aren’t as fine and sensitive. They also only have four fingers, 3 fingers and a thumb, on each hand. They have claws on their hands, though they are not retractable and not very large.

Furthermore, they have both whiskers and tail, the latter of which they are very careful with. Not just anyone may touch it; it is viewed as a very sensual part of the body. Because they have tails and whiskers, they also have an extraordinarily good balance.

Their senses are very sharp, especially smell and hearing. If one would hear a particularly sharp and/or loud sound, it is likely it would run away.

Mark of Magic
As previously stated, erri’l are rarely mages. Though sometimes, an erri’l is born into magicks. They become more devout than other erri’l, and are sometimes viewed as weirdos or in some extreme cases, outcasts. Those born into magic are marked with exotic fur and eye colors, as well as strange patterns in different but matching hues in their fur.
Erri’l are more often sorcerers than wizards, and would rather be druids than clerics.

This special mark is very rare however. Erri’l sometimes learn to use magic during their lives, but only a few are born with the talent, and they are the only ones who have these exotic fur colors as well.

Another thing with the marked, is that they grow slower than other erri’l. They mature at about age 17-18, and often live a few years longer than ordinary erri’l.

OOC Info
Recommended classes: Rogue, ranger. If spellcaster, I recommend sorcerer over wizard and druid over cleric. Erri'l paladins are practically unheard of, although Green Knights are possible.
Alignment: Any neutral
Make sure to include their catlike appearance in your description :P

Remember that the Mark of Magic is RARE. I don’t discourage playing one of those but remember that for roleplaying purposes. The Mark of magic is only for those who take a spellcasting class as first class, IE first level mechanics-wise.

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PostPosted: Thu Sep 20, 2007 8:11 pm 
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