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 Post subject: The Pedryfan’elfen
PostPosted: Sun Aug 26, 2007 6:28 am 
Caenyr Citizen
Caenyr Citizen

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The Pedryfan’elfen (The Four Quarter Elements)

Winds blow across the lands, water rages and feeds, earth giving life but ever silent, fire destroying and recreating. The elements ever present in lives everywhere. But for some it is their very life, their very essence. It is almost undocumented where these ‘people’ came from, but it is there for all to see that somewhere deep in their linage is a trace of one of the four.

Fire, Earth, Air and Water. Four elements, four separate lineages.

Air. (Awyr)

Like the element they descend from they tend to be calm but even the cool wind can rage a storm which makes their favoured choice of Goddess an odd fit.


As each is different there is no set uniformity to their looks. Ranging from hair the colour of a summer sky than seems to contain a permanent breeze running through it, skin that seems cooling to the touch or pale skin tinted with blue .

Gods and alignment

Telmara - TN, NG. LN and LG

Player Advice

Fire. (Tanio)

They hold the flame above all else. Whether it be its creation, or its destructive power or its power to create. Though each is different there are trait’s the same running true through all, hot-blooded and on occasion (for Raekhan followers more often) quick to anger. They are proud and unafraid to act.


Hair the colour of flames, often red with touches of orange. More rare is the hot coal effect of the eyes when a Tanio’s anger is raised.

Gods and Alignments accepted:

One of the Trinity of fire - all

Player Advise

Classes - Spell casters - Focus more on using fire based spells, nearly always shunning the use of anything to do with water (ice spells etc.)

Water (Dyfrio)

Two extremes can be found with these creatures. The very good, to those that some say are rotten to the core. Because of the very nature of water this is really not all that strange. Water has the ability to cause great violence, but also has the softer side, the side that sustains life. Those that follow Melivar seem to have a vast amount of patience in waiting to deal out the vengeance they seek. Like their parent element they also have a great capacity to cause fear and misery. Those who seek the softer side look to cherish life. Though they share the patience of their less kind counterparts.


Hair - Colours that resemble the sea, be it the aquamarine of a calm water to the dark almost black with a highlight of white of a raging storm wracked ocean.

Skin - Most sport scales somewhere about their person.

Gods and align

Melivar. At one extreme and the other Tyllar, Shavista and Cerestra - all

Player Advise

Dark Dyfrio spell casters focus on the darker aspect of their art, spells that cause the most pain and misery they can muster. Classes that need focus are also favoured by the darker

Light Dyfrio - Tend to focus more on the cleric arts and paladin orders.

Earth (Priddo)

Often mistaken for dwarves, or for having been raised around them. They are true children of the earth. They hold great regard for Durin for his creation of the dwarves and for Ath’endal’lynn for maintaining the earth that is their essence. They lean towards druidic aspects of life.


Nearly everything about these Pedryfan’elfen in one way or another draws you to think of the earth, be it the earthen colours they sport, or the colour of their skin or even the slight roughness to their features.

Gods and Align

Ath’endal’lynn and even on occasion Durin. - TN, NG, CN

Player advise

Classes - Druidic arts are held the highest order by the Priddo. Many hail from farming background where they can work their parent element at close quarters

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 Post subject:
PostPosted: Thu Sep 20, 2007 8:22 pm 
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