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PostPosted: Wed Jul 30, 2008 7:46 pm 
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The Plane of Celessa
Celessa is the home of celestial entities, just as the Fallen Plane is the demons’ dwelling. It exists close to the Common Plane, yet far from the other planes.

Celessa looks much like our plane, however there are some vital differences. The first and most notable one is the presence of two suns. Thus Celessa is covered in perpetual light, two unforgiving suns that will smother any misaligned creature daring to tread the soil of this world.
The planet itself is made up by one large main landmass, a super continent if you will, surrounded by wild waters. In the midst of this land is one enormous city populated by intelligent celestials, their lords, and a small number of planar travelers. The city, as well as all of the celestial plane, is currently governed by the ten-winged seraph Jiomei and his ancient sky dragon mount Aurwakuel.
Jiomei is widely known for his wisdom and swiftness of action, and it is speculated that his power is near that of a deity. Whether that is true or not, he has no known followers as such, and definitely doesn’t share his power with any mortal.

The Celestial Streams
The Streams of Celessa are primal swirls of pure positive energy within the planet’s core, and the life source of the entire plane. It’s because of this that Celessa blooms with life and ardor... and it is also the source of all celestials’ power.
At the very moment a celestial is conceived their spirit forms an unbreakable bond with the planet’s core, allowing them to harness this power within themselves as they grow. This is the main reason why a celestial can grow so powerful without the aid of a deity, unlike mortals.
It is definitely possible for a mortal creature to attune with the core as well, however as the mortal doesn’t have the inherent bond with the energy source, they will simply be torn apart and die by the masses of energy conducting through their bodies. Since half-celestials are always conceived on the Common Plane, they lack this bond as well.

Celestial Races
Although all creatures stemming from the plane Celessa can be considered celestials, there are a few kinds that are especially noteworthy. These are the most common types of celestials.

The Archons are the foot soldiers of Celessa. They aren’t particularly powerful by themselves, but have a strong sense of good and justice.

Hound Archons are humanoid in appearance, however they have the heads of canines, and their muscular 6 feet tall bodies are covered in thick, brown fur. Hound Archons are the Celestials most commonly summoned by mortals for aid, and they willingly serve a mortal master for a time as long as their intentions are of good.
Lantern Archons resemble small fist-sized orbs of pure light, and are almost as common as the Hound Archons. Being made purely of light, they are completely incorporeal beings. They very rarely leave Celessa, since without the divine forces coursing through the planes, they quickly perish. Lantern Archons are often deployed as messengers and servants of more powerful celestials.

Archons have no half-blood offspring.

The harvester is the type of Celestial most often seen wandering the Common Plane, and as such the type with the most half-blood offspring. The very archetype of angels, a Harvester stands 7 to 8 feet tall with a muscular frame and gleaming white wings. Their skin is typically golden and their hair silver or white.
Harvesters are the epitome of stern justice, dealing swift death to any creature that would perform an evil deed. They are the natural enemy of any fiend, and strive to purge the planes of these foul creatures. Most Harvesters wield two-handed weapons such as spears, great swords, and scythes.
If Archons are the foot soldiers, then Harvesters would be their officers. On the Common Plane, they sometimes work as bounty hunters; hunting the most heinous of criminals.

Half-blood offspring is typically of Lawful Good alignment, and more often than not clerics, monks, or paladins of Tyllar. Some take on the defensive role and worship Shavista.

Seraphim are very few in number, but also very powerful individuals. They’re around nine feet tall, with glowing blue eyes, silver skin, and pure white hair. A seraphim’s age is measured in their wings. At birth they are wingless, but they grow one pair every three thousand years. There are records of seraphim with as many as five pairs of wings.
In war, they are the generals of the celestial armies, with power to equal balors and pit fiends, they are very much worth the respect and awe they inspire. But they’re much more aloof than the other celestials, and typically don’t dabble in mortal affairs, seldom leaving their celestial homes as they prefer leaving the dirty work to the Harvesters and Archons. This doesn’t mean they care less about combating evil than the other celestials do, just that they don’t like to use their power in vain.

Half-Seraphim are very rare, and usually of neutral good alignment. A half-seraph is often more arrogant than other half-celestials, but more often than not they have good reason to be. Besides Tyllar and the occasional Shavistan, half-seraphs have been known to give some reverence to Raekhan as well, because of their prowess in battle.

Sky Dragons
Originally, sky dragons were the result of the rare union of celestial and metallic dragons of the common plane. These dragons grew up to be extremely resilient, wise, and kind of heart. Most sky dragons are light-hearted compared to the stern celestials, however their kind nature should not be taken for granted. They will do anything to fell a foe they feel has wronged them or any other good-aligned creature.
Sky Dragons are smaller than most other dragons, but they're swift fliers, and their dragonbreath powerful. They inherited some of their draconic ancestors' shapechanging ability, and can assume the form of a humanoid creature (typically an elf or human) besides their dragon shape. Their internal physiology is wholly dependant on the dragon ancestor.
Sky dragons sometimes serve as mounts, guards, and companions for seraphim. However, they love their freedom and are more likely to be found soaring the skies of Celessa, and occasionally among the clouds of the mortal plane.

Half-Sky Dragons are rare but not unheard of ((and should be treated simply as half-dragons)). Though sky dragons as well as their half-blood offspring are free to worship any good-aligned deity, they typically venerate Draxil for their draconic heritage. They are usually Chaotic or Neutral Good.

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