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 Post subject: The Whispering Lake
PostPosted: Thu Jul 31, 2008 5:57 pm 
Caenyr Citizen
Caenyr Citizen

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The Whispering Lake

Within the Magical Forests surrounding the old temple of Ath’endal’lynn, there are rumors of a wondrous lake...

A small lake, perhaps closer in size to a pond, with glittering clear water and always surrounded by bustling animal and plant life. The shores of the lake are almost eerily circular, a preciseness unknown in natural bodies of water. Like a watery grove, the lake is always surrounded by a row of white birches, the tree trunks thick and old.
As for the lake itself, the water is clear near the edges of the lake, but the closer you get to the middle the murkier it becomes, and at dead center you can barely see more than a few inches deep.

Various animals seem to frequently frolic around the lake, deer drinking beside wolves, and birds nesting in the ancient birches. Here, carnivores and herbivores seem to live in peace temporarily, giving the lake a look of true peace achieved. However, as soon as the harmonious animals leave the circle of trees, the deer run away for all they have, and the predators chase them hungrily as they are wont to do.

What is it about this lake, that makes it so special, so strange? It all started with the elven druid, Azaonna. Her exact age is unknown, but it is said she was ancient already by the time the true gods were imprisoned by Karissa. When the magic coursed and throbbed through Caenyr for anyone powerful enough to claim, it eventually filled the already considerably powerful Azaonna as well.

The elven druid had already throughout her entire life served Ath’endal’lynn faithfully, always a threat to those who would exploit the natural world. She was devout and steadfast and these qualities stayed even as the Mother of Nature’s presence waned. Azaonna accepted the power that flowed into her willingly, vowing that she would return it all to her Mother once she returned.

But unlike many other powerful beings of this time, Azaonna never once used her powers to gain followers or sacrifices, merely choosing to wander the lands in various forms of elements and animal, tending to the wilds, promoting growth, and destroying undead wherever she found them. It is said that the flourishing Etaric Trail is actually the remnants of the forests that branched out from the Etaric as she passed through in her wanderings.

And to keep her vow true, the already venerable elf used her power to lengthen her own life, hoping her Mother would forgive this passing of the natural circle since Azaonna was still always faithful, always waiting for the Nature Lady to return so the magic coursing through the elf would flow back to her.

And so her life continued on for another four hundred years, until finally the day came when the true gods were freed from their imprisonment. It is said that the moment before the magic links were re-established, Azaonna reached up towards the skies, and cried. Her faith untouched and pure for all this time, she unquestioningly let all the magic flow out of her, to her deity. The very essence that held her aged body together dispersed and left her, and she aged all those years that she had evaded. Her body turned to dust in an instant, the remains spreading by the wind blowing over the lands, to eventually die down in the Magical Forest.

Her remains sunk down to the bottom of the lake, and remain there to this day. It is said that Ath’endal’lynn herself descended to the edge of the lake to give her respects to the deceased druid. And even though Azaonna’s soul has long since left this world, it is said you can still hear her whispering her thanks to the Mother of Nature.

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PostPosted: Sun Feb 15, 2009 6:20 pm 
WoC Architect
WoC Architect
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More Mysterious and Religious Writings:

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PostPosted: Sun Feb 15, 2009 6:24 pm 
WoC Architect
WoC Architect
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GSID: Waterjules
Name of Main PC: Laurel Dy'ness
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