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 Post subject: Dracolytes
PostPosted: Tue Aug 12, 2008 10:28 am 
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The favoured few mortals who meet a Dragon in their lifetime are seldom left unmoved by the event. The sheer majesty of Draxil's great magical beasts is enough to burn an image upon the mind's eye. Some, however, find a purpose in their meeting - a new road in their life that is travelled by few. Those rare individuals admire Dragons beyond all other forms of life, and revere Draxil for the greatness of His creation. They are called Dracolytes.

While their path and devotion generally doesn't yield them any gifts or special abilities, there are a few small traits that Dracolytes acquire over the years, that set them apart from others. First of all, they tend to go looking for Dragons to learn from. Eventually, they will be able to learn the Draconic language, although their vocal chords do not allow them perfect pronunciation. Furthermore, they often acquire companions of draconic or otherwise magical blood, who in turn revel in learning from a denizen of the non-magical world.

Dracolytes tend to look for positions in which they can serve the benefit of magical creatures in their own world. They might become an ambassador of kinds, spreading the truth about Dragons and magical beasts to those who would hear it. They might stand up as protectors where Dragons are threatened, and from time to time they help others who have a wish to see a Dragon to reach their destination. They tend to know the location of many Dragon lairs, and tend to be hesitant to disclose that information.

Alternatively, some Dracolytes chose to withdraw from their former society altogether to spend a part of their life with a Dragon they have befriended. Knowledge and stories flow out of those companionships, and if a friendship grows especially warm, a Dragon might even bless them with a half-blood child. Still, due to their difference in lifespan, the time a Dracolyte spends with a Dragon rarely exceeds a decade.

Although the spark to become a Dracolyte may hit any mortal, from any background, they tend to change once they find their new path. All Dracolytes, with no exception, follow Draxil. They are never of Evil alignment, most of them are Neutral with a tendency towards Good. They take a strict vow to never harm a Dragon or any other magical creature. Usually, an arcane talent manifests in them sooner or later, sorcerers and especially bards being the most common Dracolytes.

Once they have come a bit further on their path, having learned the Draconic language and having spent a considerable amount of time among Dragons, Draxil may bestow the gift of Deszeld Orfit upon them, allowing their inner fire to kindle and burn as brightly as that of a true Dragon.


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PostPosted: Sun Feb 15, 2009 6:05 pm 
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