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 Post subject: Necropolises
PostPosted: Wed Aug 29, 2007 8:43 am 
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A necropolis is a town, city or other dwelling that, usually through an enormous magical backfire, has had its residents completely eradicated and then through unnatural means reanimated. This phenomenon is a rare occurrence, and there are only three necropolises to ever have been recorded in the passage of time. Many theories point to that the creation of a necropolis usually is not a deliberate one, more of an accident.

It is thus speculated that, especially when it comes to the two already existing necropolises, that a negative energy node had been lying hidden beneath the sites so that when a grand ritual or spell is cast, it tangles with the negative energy stored and backfires. The huge amount of negative energy that has been stored literally ‘explodes’, killing everything. And since through death the positive energy disappears, the mass of negative energy now loose is tremendous. The earth is saturated with it to the point nature tries to relieve itself of the taint rather than create a new node.

Because of this, negative energy is then forcibly repelled and thrust into the nearest objects available. Plants twist and withers, buildings grow brittle… and the corpses of those who once lived there spontaneously animates into a variety of undead creatures. Most become mindless lesser undead, driven on forever by the last emotion it felt in living life. The necropolises can also house a few greater undead, primarily ghosts and wraiths, but bodaks, shadows and ragewinds might be made as well be the result of such a catastrophe. However that is not all, for due to the tainted state of such a place, it is not uncommon for outside undead to be drawn to these kinds of sites, treating them as a kind of sanctuary. Vampires and their spawn, even the occasional lich.

Few living beings would ever set their foot in such a place however, not even necromancers, for they’d find their life taken from them by the hungering unliving as soon as they’d enter.

The usual necropolis is easy to identify, not only by the look of the residents but by the atmosphere as well. It is always dark and no sunlight ever makes its way to it. Thin mists and strange sounds seemingly without a source haunting everyone who’d ever dare set their foot into this cursed place. It inspires a bad feeling into living creatures, whom will find themselves growing more ill the longer they choose to stay. Most animals will usually refuse to even go near such a place, and panic when brought inside its tainted perimeter.

Once an itheril outpost at the border between the Har’oloth Empire and the rest of the underdark, that was built around 4350 BL. A small city ruled by the low ranked house Vhestij’zhalyl.

In 2250 BL, in order to strengthen house Vhestij’zhalyl’s position within the Har’oloth Empire, a ritual was conducted to summon a demon of the fallen mount that would do their bidding. Unbeknownst to the itheril however their magic used for the summoning came in contact with the negative energy node that had lied dormant beneath their city. The mass of negative energy reacted violently with the summoning ritual, and the node burst. A mass of dark matter washed over the whole city, consuming everything in its path. It was a slow, agonizing dying process for those caught, and a horrifying experience for the few that managed to escape.

Even until today the city remains in its ruined state, a vast sanctuary to all undead that dwell beneath the surface, and not only those that originally where created there. All greater undead who choose to stay there however, pay heed to the city’s unliving mistress. Former matron Aerilth’a, and now a most powerful banshee.

Those few itheril who did survive the horrible experience, either fled through a passage to the surface above or deeper into the Underdark. Today however, the tunnels leading to other parts of Har’oloth are sealed off and only the way up to the surface remains.

There are not many legends or stories that tell of the true fate of this necropolis. Of how it truly came into existence. A popular tale however told by the folk of the north, is the tale of Ithkarion and Selene. The whole history is far longer, but I will only foretell a shortened version of it here.

[i]“A group of exiles from the great kingdoms of the north, made their way up into the mountain chain near mount Chirdon to find themselves a new home. There, close to the westernmost edge they found a great plateau where surrounding mountains protected from the chilling storms. Different goats and other animals shaped to withstand higher grounds and harsher weather lived here peacefully, and a small lake provided fresh water. More than enough food to live there, and pleasant enough environment to survive in.

And a village was formed. They lived a good life there, plenty of resources made their lives pleasant and soon more people started to wander from far and near to settle down there as well. The village grew to a town, and then, into a smaller city. It was a place for everyone who where not accepted anywhere else, which… also meant quite a few less scrupulous people was drawn there.

One of them was Ithkarion, a well-versed necromancer on the run from the southern kingdoms whom where less forgiving of his practises. Kethholme was ideal for him to hide and lay low in, no one there knew him. However it did not take long before he was back into practising his dark magics again. People began to mysteriously disappear, taken away as test subjects for various rituals and animations. This continued for well over fifteen years, the city growing to become a more and more dangerous place to live in. The residents in constant fear of whatever could dwell in the shadows of the city’s alleyways, or in the nights. And Ithkarion himself, made sure the government of the city did not bother him by paying large sums of money to the corrupted leaders. And thus, an evil circle had begun.

It was not until the elven maiden Selene came that things started to change. Unlike most of this place, she was pure and innocent. A clear flower among the darkness of this place that sent hope into the souls of those who lived there. At first, Ithkarion was outraged that a speaker of all that is good would invade his beautiful haven… but as soon as he set his eyes on her, remarkably enough, found himself taken by her fair visage. In the guise of the single uncorrupted noble of this place, he started courting her. Playing the role of both the city’s malefactor and benefactor was challenging, but none the less satisfying when finding she fell for it. And Selene fought to free this place of the one who tainted it with its evil.

The play continued on, at least until the fateful moment when she decided to go and face this evil that infested Kethholme, and found out who it truly was she had felt in love with. He offered a place by his side, but her good heart could not accept even if it became torn from the love she felt. Unable to kill him, and filled with terror, she simply fled his resident with the words she’d never fall to his evil. Ithkarion, furious from her declining, swore a thousand curses upon her, and the city. He released all his evil, all his magic, to rain upon the innocents and guilty alike.

His tainted magic and rage drew something else, far darker, to it however… From the ground all around, a black thick liquid poured out. It slithered, crawled… Up along his legs, devouring his form slowly and forcing itself down his throat. The terrified screams could be heard all over the city, but stopped suddenly as he was consumed. The evil did not stop there however. A great shadow spread over Kethholme, and all who fell under it died, writhing in agony as their souls where torn from them and sent to the river. Selene could only watch in horror, and then in her great sorrow be swallowed by the darkness like everyone else.

All died, and then rose again as the unliving.

Even today it is rumoured that the spirits of Ithkarion and Selene remain. The necromancer as a vengeful shadow wandering Kethholme and slaying everything with a resemblance of life in his unending rage. And Selene…

Some who have visited Kethholme and escaped with their lives intact say that sometimes… they could hear the sorrowful cry of a woman near the fountain at the heart of the city.”

Fort Beld’our
During the Genocian civil war, when the two ‘brethren kings’ Erindub and Beldureb fought for absolute rule in the declining and corrupted land. The latter of the two decided to raise a great fort to his defence, however the stronghold was hastily built right outside the capital city that greatly lowered its defensive powers. Herein he moved the vast majority of his troops, including the paladin and former guard captain D’arion Renando.

D’arion had always worked his best within the city to help the citizens of Kyr’djrak whom became the victims of this great but useless war and was devastated when he and his troupe of loyal men where forcibly moved to Beld’our. But there was not much to do when Erindub’s forces came upon them but defend oneself and pray that the innocents of this battle would be spared. D’arion and his men fought bravely against the floods of orcs, worg riders and Erindub loyalists that stormed the fortress and they all fell one by one.

The captain himself ironically, survived although deadly wounded and left for dead, had to watch the devastation and hopelessness. This darkened the good paladin’s heart, now and forever, and he died alone and forgotten with an expression of loath and hate upon his features. For him, his men, and all others who had died within Fort Beld’our that night, the fortress became their unmarked unholy grave.

When the siege finally was over, and Beldureb had made his way to Mortour, only ruins remained of the old city and the fort. And within the fort dark emotions began stir, powered by the choking corruption and flooding negative energies that had gathered in whole Genocise. D’aron rose from death as a spirit of vengeance, his hopelessness and sorrow over mankind’s evil now twisted into unending hate.

He became the first wraith to keep his self-consciousness however, a Lord among his undead kindred. And with him rose his loyal men and friends as dread wraiths and ragewinds, to serve him even after their deaths.

D’aron remains within the fort even to this day, using the negative energy he slowly sucks out of the soil of Genocise to animate undead throughout the lands with no less intent than to slay whoever would travel the cursed country. He himself, intelligent and calculating, keeps away from peering eyes, content to wreck his vengeance through mindless minions. Unable to leave Fort Beld’our however he and his men roams its ruined perimeter and fallen hallways, but only lets themselves be seen on very rare occasions.

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PostPosted: Fri Jun 13, 2008 7:47 pm 
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