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PostPosted: Wed Aug 29, 2007 10:58 pm 
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Conception, gestation and maturation across the races


Gestation: 15 months
Considered adult at: 16 years
Life span: 400-500 years
General notes: Dwarves mature at approximately the same rate as humans until they reach adulthood at 16 years. At about this time their development slows significantly, and males will begin to grow a beard. The male’s beard is highly prized and quite attractive to the females. Very little is known of courtship “rituals” though Dwarves tend to choose one mate for life. There are usually no more than 2 children in a family. Multiple births are unheard of.

Elves (all species, except Itheril)
Gestation: 24 months
Considered adult at: 100 years
Life span: 700-1000 years
General notes: Elves develop much slower than humans. An elf at 4 years would be approximately equal in development and maturation to a human child at 1 year. Some species of elves take a mate for life, whereas others do not. It is common however, for elves to have lovers, though it usually takes many years before a relationship evolves to such a level. Highly sensual beings, elves detest “selfish lovers” and almost make an art form out of their encounters, which can last for many hours. Elven ears are very sensitive and, sexually speaking, are considered quite erotic. To touch the ears of an elf you don’t know would be highly offensive. The number of children in a family vary depending on the species of elf, and multiple births, though very rare, do sometimes occur. Elven fertility is very low, though pregnancy is quite uneventful and usually free of the unpleasant side-effects (but only if the child is fully elven).

Gah’tarr and Half-Orc
Gestation: 6-7 months
Considered adult at: 16 years
Life span: 60-70 years
General notes:

Gestation: 16 months
Considered adult at: 45 years
Life span: 200-400 years
General notes:

Gestation: as for the base race (eg: human, elf, etc)
Considered adult at: as for the base race
Life span: unknown
General notes:
Frin Twigfolow wrote:
(According to the D&D manuals)The status of Half-Celestial and Half-Fiend is a template, added on top of whatever base creature mated with the celestial or fiend in question. That leads me to believe they'd use the base creature's maturation process, however, I also seem to remember the added oomph of celestial/fiendiness gives them a bit more longevity as well, so you may want to add some years on there, but they definitely aren't immortal. Like I mentioned earlier, the normal race is the base, not the celestial or fiend part. Sort of like a Half-Elf, you're only considered a Half-Elf if the non-Elf portion of your heritage outweighs the elf portion, otherwise, you're just an Elf. Aasimar and Tieflings are lesser forms of Half-Celestials and Half-Fiends, they aren't as powerful and have even less of a Celestial or Fiend side, although they're definitely more than human.

Gestation: see notes
Considered adult at: see notes
Life span: see notes
General notes:
Gestation and maturation depends entirely on the power and race of the demonic parent.

Gestation: see notes
Considered adult at: see notes
Life span: around 700-1000 years
General notes:
Gestation and maturation depends on how much draconic blood the child inherits, the species of the draconic parent, as well as that of their other parent and that parents’ race. (Eg: half-dragon/elf or half dragon/human, etc)

Half-elves (including Telthen’Ar)
Gestation: 9-24 months (see notes)
Considered adult at: see notes
Life span: 180-200 years
General notes: Gestation and maturation depends on how much elven or human blood the child inherits.

Gestation: 7 months
Considered adult at: 33 years
Life span: about 150 years
General notes:

Gestation: Unknown. While they do have a set gestation period, many nymphs take advantage of their ability to speed up the gestation of the unborn. This has no ill-effects on the child, and pregnancy can be reduced down to a matter of days if the mother so desires. Twins and triplets are quite common.
Considered adult at: 15 years
Life span: approximately 300 years
General notes: While many half-nymphs exist, they are always considered simply as nymphs by their nymph relatives, since their nymph blood is always dominant. Pureblood nymphs do exist though for unknown reasons breeding is far easier with other races. While nymphs are able to mate with any race, half-nymphs most commonly occurr with either humans or elves. Male nymphs (and half-nymphs) do exist, though are far less common than females. Both sexes share the well-known nymph trait of exceptionally high libido, and when a nymph takes a non-nymph partner it is possible for the non-nymph to become addicted to their nymph lover.
Once a "youngling" reaches maturity, they show no further signs of ageing. Nymphs are exceptionally beautiful and usually (but not always) have a close affiliation with nature.

Gestation: 9 months
Considered adult at: 18 years
Life span: about 80 years
General notes:

Itheril (dark elves)
Gestation: 18 months
Considered adult at: 80 years
Life span: about 250-300 years (though this may be due only to their rather violent culture. Removed from this, it may be far longer)
General notes: Unlike other elves, Itheril are as fertile as humans and so breed a lot faster and more than other elves.
Also unlike elves, the Itheril see sex as merely a tool for gaining political or social advantage, or furthering their house in some way. Being a matriarchal society, the males are obliged to comply with the whims and desires of the female.

Gestation: not applicable
Considered adult at: not applicable
Life span: up to 900 years
General notes: viewtopic.php?t=22

Gestation: see notes
Considered adult at: 26-30 years
Life span: unknown
General notes:

Shadow Elves
Gestation: 18 months
Considered adult at: 80 years
Life span: as for Elves
General notes: Though physically similar to their Itheril cousins, the lives of the Shadow Elves are very different.

Yuan Ti
Gestation: Abominations – do not mate and are basically born impregnated with the next generation
“Old blood” Yuan Ti – 24 months
Half-Yuan Ti (etc) – like half-elves, Gestation and maturation depends on how much blood the child inherits from their Yuan Ti parent and their other parent.
Considered adult at: Abominations – have no “maturation” as such.
“Old blood” Yuan Ti – 100 years
Half-Yuan Ti (etc) – as for half-elves
Life span: Abominations do not die of old age, however they can be killed (however this is difficult)
“Old blood” Yuan Ti – 700-900 years (as for elves)
Half-Yuan Ti (etc) – as for half-elves
General notes: Old blood Yuan Ti are only fertile once per year, on the Winter Solstice. If two old bloods mate the gestation would be the same as elves and always results in twins.
(many thanks to Imaculate Destrachan who supplied the above information)

Further conception and gestation information here: http://hem.passagen.se/warlich/Greyhawk/Rules/Sexguide/SexguideConception.htm

Although D&D prohibits mating between certain races, basically WoC allows all combinations ... though some are more logical and likely than others.

NOTE: I have only included the presently approved races and sub-races in this history. Should others be approved at a later date, I will update this history to include these new races/sub-races.

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